When hired by SYKES Home, you are an employee – not an independent contractor. We are committed to you and believe that a good employer/employee relationship creates the best experience for you and our clients. We’ve found that when our employees feel valued and excited about work, they provide great service to customers.


Please read below to find out more about benefits we offer our employees, and we hope you’ll agree that SYKES Home is the best home-based work opportunity out there!


Competitive Compensation

SYKES Home pays our employees an hourly wage for every minute worked. Even if you are sitting idle at your desk between calls, you are paid. We pay all employees for the hours they work, regardless of whether they are on calls, or waiting to take the next call. We also pay for all of your time spent training. As an employee, we take care of withholding all of your federal, state, local and social security taxes.


Health and Retirement Benefits

We offer limited medical, dental and vision healthcare plans to all of our employees as well as life and disability plans after 30 days from your hire date. In addition a matching 401K retirement plan is offered after one year of employment, working an average of 20 hours per week.


Career Advancement

There are a variety of advancement opportunities available within the SYKES Home team. Many of our best performing agents have been promoted to team leaders, coaches and account managers – while still working from home.

At times, positions become available at one of our corporate offices. We encourage our current employees to apply for these positions first. So, if you get the bug to commute further from your home, we welcome your interest!


Recognition and Rewards

There is an opportunity to increase your earning potential beyond your regular paycheck from SYKES. We offer a variety of recognition, award and bonus programs based on your performance. These programs vary by the client and program.


Paid Time Off or Cash Rewards – US Employees

In an effort to continue to attract the best and the brightest to the SYKES Home team, and reward those dedicated individuals who commit to SYKES Home over the longer term, we offer the Total Rewards CHOICE Program as an additional reward to people for full-time or close to full time work. We heard from our employees that they would like more flexibility as to whether they get rewarded with paid time off (“PTO”) or cash as part of our “Total Rewards CHOICE Program”.


As an employee, once you work beyond 335 hours in a 12 week period, you start earning your choice of extra cash or paid time off (PTO).  For example:


  • If you work 40 hours a week for each of the 12 weeks within a Measurement Period, you earn an extra 2 1/2 days of pay or PTO per quarter.
  • If you do that for the entire year, you earn two weeks of extra pay or PTO a year.

We give our employees the CHOICE of which they would prefer.  You make an annual election as to whether you want the Total Rewards Cash Option or the Total Rewards PTO Option.


Tenured Pay Raises

SYKES Home prides itself on providing a pay-for-performance environment, with an opportunity for advancement for top performers.  The company’s philosophy has always been to reward individuals based upon their overall performance. We also want to reward loyalty and longevity, so employees receive a Tenured Pay Raise for every 3,000 hours worked. Details are provided to employees upon hire.