Your online learning experience is a vital part of the overall employee tenure with SYKES Home. Like the job itself, classroom training is a 100% virtual learning experience, taking place through our virtual classroom environments. To be successful, you will need to have a significant level of comfort using technology to connect, learn and communicate. You will also want to ensure that you have a secure, noise-free environment for both your learning and working shifts.

Certified professional facilitators, who are true subject matter experts, teach all of the classes. The online learning experience is a blend of both synchronous (live whole group interaction) and asynchronous (self-directed) learning, and is scheduled like a regular work shift. The duration of training varies by program, but most programs involve 3 to 6 weeks of full-time (40 hours per week) training. You are paid for training, and 100% attendance is required, daily.

Our training facilitators work hard to make your adult learning experience with SYKES Home meaningful, interactive and fun. Learning roadmaps are designed specifically for adult students who want to take ownership for their learning. We integrate a significant percentage of hands-on practice, whole group activities, peer-to-peer small group collaboration, and live call shadowing, to provide employees with a thorough understanding of what their new jobs will entail. Upon graduation from your program, learning will continue as an apprentice, where you will take live calls with the supervision of your Support Team.

The Support Team of Facilitators, Coaches and Team Leads will assist you throughout your classroom learning, apprenticeship (on-the-job learning), and once you are in full production.

Keys to eLearning Success