SYKES Home employees are part of a thriving virtual community that starts to develop between peers during training and continues to build as you work with your program’s colleagues, coaches and team leaders. This virtual community offers tremendous support, tools, and encouragement. In fact, our agents feel the connections made in their virtual communities are stronger than those made in traditional call center settings.

Our team leadership and coaches meet regularly with the client and program representatives to share information and program updates. Customer care professionals (CCPs) have the ability, at any time during a call, to get help from their team leader or coach, via chat, IM and voice.

Team Leads meet with CCPs once a week to let them know how they are doing, offer advice on how to improve, and to answer any questions they may have. We call these “quality sessions” and we believe they are essential for each CCP to grow and reach his or her personal goals, as well as meet the client’s goals.

Through our virtual environment, agents are provided with the tools and resources they need to be successful. Our focus is on developing and nurturing customer care professionals so that they can provide remarkable customer care to our clients’ customers and feel a part of our SYKES Home family.

Agent Work @ Home Perspective