The ability to work from home provides our customer care professionals with the flexibility and career advancement opportunities they need (and desire) to fit their lifestyles. A majority of our customer care professionals are members of the below groups. Read what our virtual professionals have to say about working for SYKES Home.

Military and Spouses

Stephanie Oxendine

Employee of 2 years | Georgia

I was on base one day when a friend directed my attention to a job listing: “SYKES Home: Work from home!” It sounded too good to be true, but I applied anyway. Three days later I got a call back that changed my life! Military spouses need jobs that are flexible enough to accommodate child care needs while taking into account the unconventional schedules and transient nature of military life. That makes SYKES Home a perfect fit for people like us.

I’ve been with SYKES Home for over two years now, and it’s been wonderful. Not only is it rewarding to have a job that empowers me to help people, but I’m also able to be home with my kids whenever they need me.

Annette McCrae

Employee of 9 months | Age: 47

My husband, Eric, had been badly injured in an accident while fighting in Desert Storm. In fact, Eric’s injuries were so extensive that he has lingering health issues that prevent him from working. Like many spouses caring for injured soldiers, I faced difficult options. I needed to be at home to care for my husband and our three kids, but also had to work to pay bills. A full-time job that required me to be away from home all day was simply out of the question.

After a year of searching in vain, I spotted a magazine article about the best work-at-home options. The list included SYKES Home. Intrigued, I applied to SYKES Home and was hired. It’s been a true blessing! And the best part is that I’m able to pick and choose my schedule …

Glen Gregory

Employee of 9 months | Missouri

I spent a decade in the U.S. Army, where I traveled the world, got in great shape, and bonded with my fellow soldiers. As someone who thrives on action, I never thought I’d like a desk job. Somewhere along the way though, I developed degenerative arthritis in my back and knees. And about a year ago, the pain became too much to bear. I had to quit my job and move back home to southern Missouri. The prospect of starting over at almost 50 proved daunting.

I needed steady income and work that didn’t tax my body so much. I looked around, but my hometown just didn’t offer many opportunities that didn’t involve manual labor. A vocational rehabilitation counselor informed me of the work-from-home opportunities offered by SYKES Home. I was able to interview, test and train for my job from my home. It has been amazing.


Amy K.

Employee of 5 years | Wisconsin

I work from home because it gives me and my family opportunities working outside of the home does not. I enjoy not being restricted to a Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm type of schedule because I can go to the store, see a movie or visit a restaurant during off peak times. I don’t have to fight crowds or stand in lines unless I choose to. My family was also able to reduce household expenses by eliminating a second car, and I don’t have to purchase an extensive wardrobe.

I had someone once comment on how it must be so great to work from home because I can do the laundry or cook dinner while taking calls! That however is not the case. I have to be at my desk on time, focused on the job at hand, but I do get to work from the comfort of my home office. With previous jobs, I spent years eating meals or taking breaks in dingy, grey break rooms with dirty refrigerators, microwaves and tables. At home, I can eat with my family, grab a quick hug from my children on my breaks, and take a brisk walk with the dog. These may seem like little things but they have value, a kind of value I can’t put a price tag on.

I applied to SYKES after becoming injured while working in retail. I hurt my neck and was told I would probably be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my life. My husband saw a segment of Good Morning America about legitimate work from home companies and encouraged me to apply to this company called SYKES. We figured a “work from home thing” was a good temporary fit while I got back on my feet physically. Here I am, five years later! Thanks to SYKES Home and physical therapy I walk just fine on my own.

I started out as a Customer Care Professional, moved up into a Coaching position and then became a Team Lead on a financial services program with SYKES HOME. The one thing I enjoy most about being a Team Lead is helping my agents grow in their jobs and achieve their goals. I’ve experienced such personal and professional growth, while surrounded by strong leadership and wonderful people. I will be honest, there have been bad days, and times I felt pushed to the limit and ready to give up, but the leadership here at SYKES kept me going. They kept (and still do!) challenging me to stretch myself, guided me, cheered my successes and turned failures into learning opportunities.

Kim H.

Employee of 2 years

I chose to work from home because it allows me to be both a mom to my kids and a parent trying to fulfill my financial responsibilities to my family. The main advantage of working from home is being able to be home when needed, that is first and foremost. Other advantages for my family and me are that we save every penny I make by not having to buy clothes, pay for fuel and daycare – all expenses that we would otherwise have to pay with a traditional outside-the-home job.

Within the two years of working for SYKES Home I have moved up several positions. I like that SYKES offers room to grow. They also train you, lead you and help you work towards achieving your short and long-term goals.

I was referred to SYKES Home through another working mom. I was drawn to the company based on its flexibility, acceptance of my role as a parent and my need to be available to my children at all times. Having a flexible schedule has enabled me to be one hundred percent committed to my work and to my family. I highly recommend SYKES Home as the best company to work for from home. I am blessed to have come across this opportunity and want to be here for a long, long time!


Aimee F.

Employee of 6 years | Age: 34 | Pueblo, CO

I have several major health issues that prevent me from being able to work a typical job. At the age of 21, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Later I began seeing a specialist that has treated me for several autoimmune deficiencies, including Lupus. Living with Lupus is manageable; however I am in constant pain, which makes finding a traditional job almost impossible.

I began looking for new opportunities that would allow me to earn an income to help support my family. It’s important to me and my family that I contribute to the income; my income helps provide our kids with the necessities they need as well as the opportunities to be involved in extracurricular activities such as sports and Spanish.

Six years ago I watched a segment on Good Morning America that talked about legitimate work at home opportunities. After doing some research, I found that SYKES Home truly was a legitimate, growing business. Knowing that I wanted to be employed, but did not own a home business, this seemed to be the perfect fit for me. I had great support from my family – they helped me set up a home office that met all of SYKES Home requirements and provided the care I needed for my children. Even on my “bad days,” I am still in the comfort of my home and can make adjustments to my workstation to make myself more comfortable. I have whatever I need within a few feet!

My daughter has health issues as well, so working at home has allowed me the opportunity to have better control over my health and hers. I’ve been able to be the primary care giver for both of my children, which includes getting them to and from school without having to risk missing time from work or jeopardizing my job. It is wonderful to not incur additional expenses for daycare, work attire or gas. The money we save is used for medical expenses.

I have had a wonderful journey with SYKES Home. I began as a Customer Care Professional, and within 2 years I moved into a Support Coach role. Currently, I am the Team Lead on a program in the training industry, overseeing a group of 70 agents and 3 Support Coaches. I am truly grateful to be in the position I am, with a wonderful team. SYKES is a great supporter; I wouldn’t trade my experiences here for any job outside of the home.

Daniel S.

Employee of 18 months | Age: 21 | Dallas, GA

For me, working from home was an obvious choice for two reasons. One, I own two companies outside of my job at SYKES Home. My schedule at SYKES provides me the flexibility to do what I love while still making sure I get a paycheck to make ends meet. Two, I am physically disabled. While I could get a friend or family member to drive me to and from a traditional 9-5 job, I don’t want to be an inconvenience. In addition, I don’t want employers to judge me from the start, assuming I cannot perform a job because of my physical disability.

At SYKES Home, I am accepted ‒ I’m part of their family. In my 1 year and 6 months as an employee, I have had many roles from Customer Care Professional to Trainer to Recruiter and they’ve all been great. I have found that the positions are fun, especially if you enjoy communicating with people and resolving their issues. One of the best things about working here is the journey you take to achieving your goals. If you want to be a Team Leader or a Trainer, your managers will work with you to get you where you need to be. It may sound too good to be true but it is not.

If you are looking for a job, even if you have never worked from home before, choose SYKES. It is the best decision you can make.


Judy C

Employee of 10 years | Age: 69 | Glendale, AZ

I retired from the call center industry on the last day of the year in 2001 and thought I would just sit back and enjoy my retirement. I soon found that I missed interacting with other people during the day. My husband and I had worked together for many years so being a one car family it was not reasonable for me to go find a typical job requiring a commute and possibly another vehicle.

While watching the news one day I saw that SYKES Home was hiring in Arizona. I went online and researched the company and it sounded like the perfect job for me. Finally, a job that would not require me to need a car! I went through the application process and soon I was working on a retail program. I really enjoyed talking with people and helping them complete their orders. I did switch to a different retail program soon after starting with SYKES, but that is where I have spent most of my 10 years. Late last year I moved to the new beauty and health program as a flex/coach and that is where I have been since.

I have made many close friendships during my time with SYKES Home. I would not know these people if I was standing next to them at the post office but we have a close bond and can call on each other whenever we need support for anything. I have been a mentor and a coach and it is so great to see others catch on and become a success with my help.

The biggest advantage of working from home is the car and gas savings. The commute down the hall is just a short walk and I have everything I need at my fingertips. I have a set schedule but have no problem getting time off when I have a doctor’s appointment or other commitment.
My years at SYKES have been great and I would recommend it to anyone. There are so many opportunities to move ahead, and you always have someone to help you meet your goals.

Nina I.

Employee of 8 years | Age: 63 | Arvada, CO/strong>

After years of working in the Healthcare field, I was looking for a change but didn’t want to work full-time. The option of working from home offered the part-time work I preferred and the opportunity to work with people on a one-to-one basis over the phone instead of working in a busy office or retail environment. I could work comfortably from my home and then be with my family as soon as my shift was over. Being organized and self-motivated by nature fit perfectly with working independently in a virtual environment.

During my research, I learned other virtual call center companies charged a fee to apply for their @home positions. That just didn’t sit right with me. SYKES Home has never charged people to apply for work. The recruiter I interviewed with was very friendly and professional. She seemed like someone I would like to work with. As she presented information about the company, it sounded like a trustworthy, legitimate organization.

I have been a Customer Care Professional since August 2003. In addition to those duties I am also a Shift Lead and Team Trainer – which is where I have the most fun. It is challenging and exciting and so rewarding to watch new folks develop into confident and effective Customer Care Professionals. I am impressed with the amount of effort expended to help Customer Care Professionals feel understood, supported and appreciated.

Being able to work from home has so many advantages over working in a brick-and-mortar setting. There is no dress code – I can wear whatever I feel like wearing. Bad-hair days don’t matter. Scheduling is flexible, so I can make doctor appointments (etc.) at my convenience. My “commute-to-work” is a short walk from the coffee pot in the kitchen to my office down the hall. I save gas and wear-and-tear on my vehicle and keep thousands of miles off the odometer each year. It is a wonderfully comfortable way to work. After being here for all of these years, I know I made the right decision. This is a great company to work for!

Extra Income

Jamie C

Employee of 6 months | Age: 26 | Toronto, ON

The main reason I chose to work from home was the commute. Canada has some pretty memorable winters and standing on a bus, huddled together, trying not to slip on the wet steps is difficult and got old after a while.

There are many advantages to working from home like a higher pay (because you don’t spend as much on gas, eating out, dry cleaning, etc.), a greater sense of independence, and the opportunity to develop different skill sets, like computer skills or customer service. I have also found more free time to balance school, work, and family. Of course, I cannot underestimate the comforts of working from my own home!

My journey with SYKES Home has been exciting and informative. Currently, I work on a program for one of SYKES telecommunications clients. I am a Customer Care Professional and handle calls regarding billing, payment, account maintenance, sales, upgrades and general troubleshooting. Along the way I’ve met many co-workers, coaches and team leaders that have been really encouraging and understanding. Every day I learn something new and interact with many different types of customers.

I decided to work for SYKES Home because I wanted to work for a reputable and successful company. I wanted to receive personal, in-depth training from knowledgeable instructors and expand my network of friends. I am truly excited and proud to be counted as an SYKES employee!

Caleb L.

Employee of 1 year | Age: 25 | Westminster, CO

Most of my previous call center jobs were a 20 to 30 minute drive on a good day. Living in Colorado my commute would double or even triple during the winter months. All the driving led to high gas bills and more wear and tear on my vehicle.

Working from home is the biggest perk at SYKES Home. It feels good to know you can wake up, freshen up, get that cup of coffee, and start working within minutes instead of scraping windows and letting the car warm up. I really like that I can save the money on gas and apply it towards savings or other things. I also like being able to make anything I want (and from my own kitchen) for lunch.

My first position at SYKES was working as a Customer Care Professional with a technology client. I really enjoy working with computers and electronic devices, so I knew this would be a good step for me. I learned all levels of the program, such as hardware, live calls, billing calls and how to troubleshoot accordingly.

After 7 months, I was given the opportunity to work in the IT department as a Desktop Support Specialist at the corporate level. I was so grateful and blessed with this opportunity to expand my career in the IT field. After 4 months of being a Desktop Support Specialist I received recognition as “Employee of the Month.” I continue to do my job with gratitude to my bosses and co-workers as I help maintain a steady workflow by updating or troubleshooting computers, providing network support, and helping with any hardware or software related requests. My position helps all the departments continue their hard work in making this company grow. I love what I do and enjoy helping people get their technical issues resolved. It’s the best job I have ever had!


Crystal L.

Employee of 1 year | Age: 48 | Live Oak, FL

My husband suffered from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), was disabled, and therefore unable to work. I ended up taking a job working in a call center 40 miles from my home to help support our household. It was a good company, but I didn’t like the constant noise of the call center, and hated being so far from my husband.

One day something woke me early in the morning. I found my husband unconscious on the couch. He had pulled off his oxygen some time during the night and his breathing was labored. I got his oxygen back on him and he was okay. This made me realize that if something like that had happened while I was away at work I wouldn’t have found him.

Soon thereafter I left my job and decided to stay home and care for my husband. It was the best decision I ever made. Times were tight for a while but then I found SYKES Home. Working from home afforded me a paycheck and the luxury of only being a few rooms away from my husband.

My husband passed away 4 months after I started working for SYKES. Those last few months were precious to me and working for SYKES Home allowed me to keep him at home where he was happy. I tell everyone I know about the company I work for. I love my job! I can tell that SYKES appreciates their employees.

Harold K.

Employee of 5 months | Age: 58 | Kansas City, MO

After spending 25 years working full time, I was laid off by my employer as they downsized. At first I thought perhaps I could just retire early but the stock market sent my investments into a tailspin. I faced limited employment opportunities as there were no opportunities in my field of expertise.

It was also very important for me to work from home. Working from home would enable me to help out with whatever assistance my 93 year old Mother may need. SYKES has a reputation of being a reputable employer that lets you work from home, so I applied for several positions.

Ultimately I was given the opportunity to work as a Customer Care Professional assisting callers by providing information and resolving problems for a Healthcare client. This opportunity has allowed me to earn income and still have the flexibility I need to be around to assist my Mother.

My future has started to look brighter and I am able to gain confidence back. Working from home provides me a feeling of independence while also being part of a team. I am more optimistic about my financial future and I once again am able to feel a sense of accomplishment on a daily basis. Working with all of the support from co-workers and learning new skills has made me feel good about myself again and has allowed me the work-life balance I need.