MYTH: I’m self-employed and will have no resources to support me.

  • REALITY: All SYKES Home Customer Care Professionals are employees with the same benefits as an employee at a brick-and-mortar call center (access to health benefits, hourly salary, 401k plan, etc.), and have numerous resources available to help them. From a dedicated Technical Support Center to Team Leaders and even an internal Concierge Service, we make sure  you always get the support you need.

MYTH: No Legitimate Work at Home Company will ask you for money.

  • REALITY: As a legitimate work-at-home company, SYKES Home provides many cost savings to our employees. We never ask you to pay for anything up-front, before a job offer has been made. Once you have received an offer of employment, you will need to purchase some items for your home office, however, we do provide you with your computer and the software you will need to work.

MYTH: I can do housework in between calls (including laundry, dishes, or other chores).

  • REALITY: Working for SYKES Home is much like working for any other call center. Incoming calls on all our programs are back-to-back, which means you will need to remain in front of your computer for the duration of your shift (except during breaks and lunches). You do have the luxury of being able to change a load of laundry on breaks or do dishes on your lunch. You’re able to work from the comfort and security of your own home.

MYTH: I won’t need child care because I can take care of and supervise my children while I am working.

  • REALITY: In order to maintain a professional environment for our clients, we require a noise-free environment. To ensure a noise-free environment, we recommend your office be behind a closed door. If your children need supervision, you will need to have the proper care set up just like if you were working outside the home. We have a zero-tolerance noise policy.

MYTH: I will only be taking one or two short phone calls every hour.

  • REALITY: Working for SYKES Home is much like working for any other call center. Calls will be back-to-back, and require you to be in front of your computer for the duration of your shift.

MYTH: I can work whatever hours I want.

  • REALITY: This is a structured environment just like any other place of employment. You are required to work the hours you are scheduled. If offered the job, you will be committing to the schedule you discuss with your recruiter, as well as committing to the program for a 9 or 12 month period.

MYTH: The only jobs available for people who want to work at home are telemarketing jobs.

  • REALITY: SYKES Home has a number of programs available, ranging from customer service, video gaming specialist, healthcare support, financial services, and order support. All of our programs are inbound customer support calls.

MYTH: I don’t have to be professional since I’m working at home.

  • REALITY: Clients come to SYKES Home because of our reputation for hiring quality, professional employees. Lack of a professional attitude reflects poorly on the client, the company, and you. Employees will be evaluated for this aspect along with other job related metrics.

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