From millennials to boomers, consumers crave mobile technology. And in the rush to procure the latest and greatest devices, many become frustrated with wordy instructions and inevitable technical glitches. That’s why SYKES hires agents who are passionate about new technology and able to solve customer problems quickly. In a low- to no-commitment industry, our service team offers expert insight and sales support to keep your customers loyal.


Consumer Electronics and Devices

Customers expect their smart products to be easy to use. When expectations are not met, consumers are quickly disappointed and look for help. Making solutions available through customer-convenient communication channels restores confidence and establishes the relationship to tap into further opportunities.

SYKES supports a wide variety of connected devices and applications for globally recognized brands and is a long-term trusted partner for manufacturers, developers and retailers everywhere. We deliver expert technical and customer support along with growth-promoting sales programs across channels for a totally connected customer experience. SYKES make sure the solutions we offer are as simple as the connected products they use — it’s all part of our commitment to REAL PEOPLE. REAL SOLUTIONS.®


Enterprise Technology

Companies rely on technology to keep them on time, in touch and informed as they deliver products and services to business customers and consumers. Should their chosen technology platform underperform or fail, this is a potentially mission critical problem, rather than a user inconvenience, that can affect ongoing business relationships and revenue.

SYKES’ clients include the best known and respected business technology companies, from switches to servers, from storage to printing, and from security to office automation. We realize that their good reputation relies on our experience and expertise when supporting their business customers. We support at every level up to expert engineer, monitoring networks, raising tickets and generally ensuring that commitments are met.


Applications and Cloud Services

Today’s connected world provides many opportunities for consumers and businesses to buy and sell, play and listen, view and engage. The internet is the vital backbone that links everything and everyone together irrespective of device or distance, and users rely on access 24×7 and ease of use.

SYKES has been keenly engaged with dotcom companies since the earliest days and brings expertise in online support, service and sales along with experience in managing communities, chat, and social media programs to provide customer-convenient and low-cost customer support. Premium support and sales options round off our online offer.

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