So many devices, so little time! Keep your customers loyal with informative insight and guided sales support.

From millennials to boomers, consumers crave mobile technology. And in the rush to procure the latest and greatest devices, many become frustrated with wordy instructions and inevitable technical glitches. That’s why SYKES hires agents who are passionate about new technology and able to solve customer problems quickly. Our agents foster SYKES culture through our belief in REAL PEOPLE. REAL SOLUTIONS.® In a low- to no-commitment industry, our service team offers expert insight and sales support to keep your customers loyal.



Technology innovators trust us to provide exceptional customer service, technical support and value-added sales. Offering smart support solutions for consumer devices and applications, enterprise technology, internet and portals, we work tirelessly to ensure our clients rise to the top in this highly competitive market.

Business Process Expertise

With over 35 years of experience in bringing together those in need of service with those who love to provide it, SYKES provides its clients with an effective service-based differentiator. You can count on us to bring our customer relationship intelligence to all of your sales, service and advisory interactions.

Industry Issues

Technology companies face the overwhelming challenge of reducing costs and growing margins while developing new products and diligently engaging with existing and prospective consumers over their preferred channels. Learn how our responsive customer engagement solutions enable you to meet and support each customer where they are today.

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