Utility companies look to SYKES to provide customer care that reduces call volume and builds long-term loyalty.

Consumers have high expectations from their utility companies. Not only do they expect reliable and affordable energy service, they also want exceptional support when there’s an issue. SYKES’ expert agents walk customers through common issues like billing and provisions of service, and proactively communicate with customers about future billings. These strategies help reduce call volume, increase trust, and improve transparency and positive brand reputation.

Energy & Utilities


SYKES is an end-to-end solution that handles everything from the acquisition of high-quality energy accounts to incremental sales and ongoing customer care. In the competitive, deregulated energy market, we understand what it takes to make your brand stand out. With our expert agents acting as your brand stewards, we do more than just take care of your customers — we delight them.
Energy & Utilities

Business Process Expertise

Interrupted service, confusing billing and Public Utility Commissions (PUCs) complaints can negatively impact customer loyalty. That’s why SYKES ensures that customer interactions are focused on reducing friction and providing solutions that deliver the best experience for each individual issue. We cultivate stronger relationships with customers through data, analytics and engagement on preferred channels, leading to more intelligent customer experiences.
Energy & Utilities

Industry Issues

Customers are more likely to select an energy provider that promotes transparency and actively informs them about their billing, services and interruptions. SYKES takes care of your customers, walking them through their issues to reduce or eliminate PUCs and creating lifelong relationships built on a foundation of trust. With SYKES handling your customer care — or any other part of your customer journey — your energy company is free to focus on its areas of expertise.

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