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SYKES CCO Fintech Exchange and SYKES CCO Emerging Brands Exchange are both best-practices strategy councils. Their mission is to uncover and cross-pollinate customer-focused operational approaches from the world’s leading high-growth, disruptive organizations.

We intend membership in the Exchanges to help heads of CX operations avoid “reinventing the wheel” in addressing problems they share with their peers across fintech, edtech, healthtech, ridetech, proptech, retailtech, e-commerce, food delivery, transportationtech, and B2Btech.

Founded in 2019, the Exchanges’ current membership consists of more than 75 top brands in these new market spaces. The Exchanges can quickly produce high-quality, actionable insights, enabling all members to participate in strategic ideas exchanged without the need for members to take the time to research individually. Exchanges are held every other month for one hour virtually, with costs covered by SYKES for Emerging Brands.