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Going Beyond Textbook Solutions for Support

Education in the digital age requires constant innovation — and an intelligent approach to support.

SYKES helps education partners earn top marks in navigating digital transformation while providing the expertise and comprehensive solutions to support students, instructors, and administrators across the educational journey.

Support for the Educational Ecosystem

Whether learning takes place on campus or online, SYKES understands the importance of combining technology and support to optimize the learning experience in every stage.

Strategies for Student Acquisition

Grow your digital presence and increase your applicant numbers by implementing PPC, SEO, and content optimization strategies that maximize your acquisition efforts. We’ll design and implement a targeted plan that drives efficient click costs, improves your organic search results, and increases marketing ROI.

App & Platform Support

A successful edtech experience requires agents to have the proper tools for technical support. Our capabilities extend across all aspects of user and facilitator support and troubleshooting, assuring that technology problems are resolved in no time. Agents also receive ongoing training so they’re up to speed on the latest releases.

App Platform Support

Assistance Throughout Registration & Enrollment

When registration and enrollment periods hit, be prepared with an effective support solution. We provide flexible staffing solutions for higher-than-normal call volumes during enrollment, as well as self-service content capabilities that help you address common registration questions upfront.

Facilitating Answers for Financial Aid

Our experienced and knowledgeable agents can resolve financial aid and billing questions with empathy and accuracy. Student data is kept completely secure across every interaction as agents provide up-to-the-minute aid that keeps students’ educational goals on track.

On-Demand Expertise for General Inquiries

Students, instructors, and administrators expect a simple path to support resolution. Our agents have tools like knowledge bots that help them answer those “pop quiz” support questions quickly and accurately.

App & Platform Support

Problem-Solving for Education’s Pain Points

Understanding & Navigating a Complex Space

Understanding & Navigating a Complex Space

Technology has transformed consumer expectations and created new challenges for education providers. Our years of experience in digital transformation allows you to adapt consistently to the changing landscape, while our solutions provide for increased enrollment, improved administrative processes, and quality technical support.

Accommodating for Seasonal Shifts

Accommodating for Seasonal Shifts

Peak periods like enrollment and registration call for dynamic shifts in support. SYKES’ unique carousel staffing model and recruitment approach allow you to scale support up or down on demand, while maintaining quality and KPIs.

Connecting Students & Educational Institutions

Connecting Students & Educational Institutions

It’s difficult to stand out in a crowd of educational options. Our expertise in PPC, SEO, and content optimization helps you cut through the competitive landscape and keep your school top-of-mind for potential students, driving applications and enrollment.

Education Education

An Intelligent Approach to Support

From general assistance to involved technical support for virtual learning platforms, SYKES has the industry experience you need to provide full-service support for your students and faculty. Our customer engagement services can solve for everything from password resets to course platform inquiries, saving students and instructors from further stress when they need support.

Additional support options — like self-service content — supplement traditional engagement methods by proactively helping your students and faculty resolve issues on their own. Optimized articles and how-to guides save time and reduce inbound support calls by addressing common topics like network connection issues, file recovery, and software troubleshooting.

SYKES helped an education brand partner redesign their self-service content, which saved $1.4 million in deflected support calls and took their problem-resolution score from 15% to 70%.


Tenured Operations Build Solid Partnerships

With the rise of edtech and the increase in virtual learning, the education space has undergone rapid transformation to its technologies and procedures. At the same time, students and instructors have grown to expect the same ease of support they experience with their favorite brands. We combine our breadth of customer engagement experience with our own learnings from the evolution of edtech to provide you with tailored solutions for support.


Studying the Shifts in the Education Space

We’ve supported education partners through 20 years of industry transformation and will continue to provide excellent standards of customer care through each new phase. We continually solve for both common CX challenges and specific educational shifts as we adapt and fine-tune our approach.


Quality Is Our Core Curriculum

We help you deliver on your commitment to providing an exceptional learning experience by providing exceptional support. The SYKES Global Quality System serves as the foundation of our operations — from talent acquisition to performance improvement — and ensures that each support interaction allows students and instructors to focus on education.


Knowledge-Based Recruitment & Training

Stakes are high for your students and faculty as they rush to turn in papers and grade exams. We ensure agents are up to speed by using specialized recruitment and training methodologies that reduce attrition, increase agent engagement, and build skills to serve customers in the digital age.


Grade-A Innovation

As a trusted BPO partner for a wide range of industries, we’ve developed a scalable approach to support that addresses the obstacles unique to education while keeping an eye on what’s next in the world of customer experience. Our SYKES Digital Services division was created to guide companies as they undergo digital transformation and can supplement your traditional customer engagement programs with intelligent automation, insight analytics, and more.

  • 80% of our agents have a college education*
  • Agents have an average of 15 years of work experience*
  • 100% of agents are work-at-home proficient*

Flexible Staffing for Every Semester — and In Between

Our solutions for seasonality accommodate peak times, so you can rest assured that students and instructors are supported during busy periods like enrollment, onboarding, and registration.


Carousel Model

SYKES’ carousel staffing model allows us to rotate agents between accounts to accommodate for spikes in demand. When peak periods are over, agents can be transferred to another vertical that may be ramping up. Those same agents may return to the education vertical when demand increases again, providing consistent support and advanced speed to proficiency during key timing.



Our home-based service option, SYKESHome, was designed to be 100% virtual, giving you the confidence that agent recruitment, training, and workforce management flow seamlessly. This innovative approach to cloud-based contact center operations allows for advanced recruiting across different time zones, ensuring that your services are always online.


Global Options

With a combination of site-based and virtual agents across 23 countries, we can help you build a staffing plan that best serves your students and faculty while taking seasonal shifts and budgeting into account. Our multilingual capabilities provide access to high-quality support in more than 30 languages.

A Strategic Partner for Acquisition & Enrollment

Choosing a school or program is a defining moment for any student — and a defining challenge for education providers trying to stand out. We help you connect with potential students at the right time by growing your digital presence.


PPC Search Marketing

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing helps to increase visibility and drive student interest in a crowded marketplace. Our experts will analyze your needs, run and report on your PPC efforts, and use predictive modeling to optimize ROI in real time.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO ensures that potential students will see your institution as a top option as they research schools online. We provide both strategic and tactical recommendations that you can leverage to improve your organic search results and conversions on your website.


Content Optimization

Optimized content reduces costs by deflecting repetitive support calls and can also increase student satisfaction and loyalty over time. To maximize your PPC and SEO efforts, we enhance existing website content to drive additional traffic and increase your odds of acquisition.

A Brand Partner Success Story


It’s impossible to put into words how much we appreciate everything you’re doing to take care of our customers this week. The abandon rate (ABR) [being] at 5% yesterday when the calls received were double our original forecast is incredible!

— SYKES Education Brand Partner


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