SYKES offers complete customer engagement solutions that provide support to your customers when, where and how they need it

With digital phone, streaming video, fiber optic internet and wireless home security systems – your customers’ needs are as varied as they are. Fortunately, SYKES provides true customer lifecycle management with an equally diverse array of service and technical support options designed to “fit” each customer perfectly – today and tomorrow.



Sitting at the core of many Communications Service Providers’ (CSP) service range, mobility is so much more than mobile voice and SMS. Consequently, mobility is regarded as a basic need for modern living by consumers who rely on continuous access to family & friends, information, entertainment, and much more. Expectations are high and brand loyalty declines when customer service and technical support interactions do not satisfy their needs quickly and easily.

SYKES is highly experienced in handling the needs of customers efficiently and effectively, therefore minimizing their willingness to defect to a competitor and creating opportunities to build the relationship and drive higher value. Our long history with major mobility providers is based on service achievement and confidence in the relationship that provides a platform for progress and growth.



The Internet has become a daily need for consumers, business users, and companies. Customer reliance on Internet access for entertainment, communications, and access to information has matured to the point where it accounts for a sizeable portion of revenue and an expectation that it will just work 24×7.

With multiple devices accessing Broadband services at home and when out and about, the complexity of handling customer requests keeps on growing. SYKES, as a major outsourcer to both communications and technology companies, sees both sides of customer problems through experienced eyes. Broadband isn’t just about the network connection and getting access. It is about insight and support for the link, the device, the apps, and the user’s ability. Making it all work out is what we do best.


Business Communications

For companies, communication is key to success. Today’s connected world enables fast access to information, completed transactions, and decision-making. No business can do well without the reliable networks, connections, and communications their Communications Service Provider (CSP) gives them.

Dealing with business customers requires expertise and understanding to see through their eyes and relate to the challenges that outages and underperforming create. SYKES provides services to Communications companies on behalf of their customers to keep networks running in tip-top condition, communications flowing, and react quickly and thoroughly should the worst happen.

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