We really do live this stuff.

Call us passionate, or perhaps obsessive — either way, our focus hasn’t changed: REAL PEOPLE. REAL SOLUTIONS.® SYKES is not just all talk.

Decades of experience, experimentation, and deep vertical expertise have translated into real business results for our clients.

Working in partnership with the world’s leading brands, we provide solutions that improve the customer experience, increase retention, maximize every touchpoint and identify opportunities for efficiencies and cost optimization.



With digital phone, streaming video, fiber optic internet and wireless home security systems – your customers’ needs are as varied as they are. Fortunately, SYKES provides true customer lifecycle management with an equally diverse array of service and technical support options designed to “fit” each customer perfectly – today and tomorrow.

Financial Services

SYKES understands the obstacles facing our Financial Services clients. Whether the challenges stem from difficulties in delivering effective marketing and portfolio management to abiding by complex and changing regulatory compliance mandates, we provide proven solutions that revitalize customer confidence while reducing your costs of doing business.


From patient registration to answering inquiries on the proper use of a medical device, healthcare leaders depend on SYKES to provide patient and member service, expert technical support and brand promotion. With our smart, capable service specialists handling everything from phone-based customer support to online chat – we view every member interaction as an opportunity to show how much you care.


From getting fast rate quotes to effortless application and claims processing, today’s insurance customers expect highly responsive service delivered the way they want — whether online or by speaking with a licensed agent. That’s why leading property, casualty, life, and health insurance providers rely on SYKES to meet their evolving customer-service needs, and achieve the highest renewal and satisfaction rates.



SYKES is ready and able to help our retail clients efficiently manage their seasonal service requirements with flexible, highly-scalable support solutions designed to enable a quick, effective response to even intraday fluctuations in call volume. Our top-notch, home-based service teams are dedicated to assisting our retail clients to create meaningful, personalized interactions that foster strong, high-value relationships with their customers.

Small & Medium Businesses

SYKES is embracing the SMB sector. By partnering with SYKES, your company (whatever its size) will benefit from our decades of experience, expertise in optimizing the customer experience, advanced analytics and innovations in customer service technology. With such a wide array of offerings, we can create a customer experience strategy designed to meet your business’s specific needs — from hiring and managing a handful of agents who will handle your support interactions to monitoring and troubleshooting your network hardware systems and anything in between.


From millennials to boomers, consumers crave mobile technology. And in the rush to procure the latest and greatest devices, many become frustrated with wordy instructions and inevitable technical glitches. That’s why SYKES hires agents who are passionate about new technology and able to solve customer problems quickly. In a low to no commitment industry, our service team offers expert insight and sales support to keep your customers loyal.


Whether your customer needs help booking a summertime trip to Machu Picchu or simply upgrading to a better hotel room in New York City, SYKES is ready to provide your travelers with responsive 24/7 support and emergency traveler assistance. Our customer support solutions are aimed at boosting consumer confidence as we help you make good on your promise to provide efficient problem resolution and stress-free vacations.

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