Omnichannel Customer Engagement Solutions

So here’s the thing: Customer service used to be as simple as a phone call. It was the only way in. But today, digital channels are increasingly popular — web, chat, social, SMS — and customer service agents need to be adept at all of it.

Not only that, but the assumed knowledge of emerging technology is sky-high, and agent performance is critical. After all, when a device doesn’t function as expected, consumers are quickly disappointed and brand sentiment threatens to nosedive. Technical support providers need to really know their stuff to keep consumers satisfied and to strengthen brand loyalty.

Our agents can handle challenging transactions and can also capitalize on these moments of truth, recognizing opportunities to convert cost to revenue and build stronger relationships — supporting the SYKES commitment to REAL PEOPLE. REAL SOLUTIONS.®

As a support partner for many of the top brands in the world, our experience and access to affordable engineering and technical talent strategically located worldwide allows us to efficiently and effectively handle ordering and activation, product inquiries, and Tier 1-4 technical support assistance.

Proven technical expertise. Higher customer satisfaction rates. Stronger brand loyalty. What’s not to love?

- Customer Experience Training Programs - SYKES

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