Data Security & Fraud Prevention

To secure the call center, businesses rely on vigilant partners who will focus on people risk management, enabling technology and the day-to-day monitoring of processes to build a strong security culture.

As a trusted partner for many of the world’s leading brands, SYKES proactively identifies threats and behavioral anomalies while providing tailored governance and educational programs to reduce risks. Our security organization is one of the most mature in the industry, with high tenure and a diverse base of skilled security professionals offering cross-industry expertise. We understand your business and operate in alignment with our clients’ operational objectives, delivering superior experiences through a total partnership approach. As our first priority, SYKES is focused on securing our employees and mitigating risks to ensure the seamless delivery of service at every level.

An industry leader in data security and fraud prevention, we take a fully integrated, holistic approach to risk-management that is uniquely tailored to our clients’ business needs. Using a deep understanding of your employee culture and proven security strategies, we achieve more by staying focused on our mission of REAL PEOPLE. REAL SOLUTIONS.®

We understand that building a healthy, scalable and secure environment is critically important. That’s why we utilize a concurrent and continuous process to identify, protect, detect and respond to a multitude of threats. Our global security team takes a proactive, end-to-end solutions approach that spans the security lifecycle and focuses on data risk protection and eliminating security vulnerabilities. SYKES has the expertise, innovation and global capabilities to help keep your organization secure.

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