Learning Reimagined

If you can dream it, we can help you achieve it.

Award-Winning Agent Training

When it comes to customer service, we understand the importance of cultivating top-notch talent. With a continuous improvement mindset, we flip the classroom to improve learning outcomes and increase productivity. In short, we enable your front line to improve your bottom line through our promise of REAL PEOPLE. REAL SOLUTIONS.®

No PowerPoint lectures. Learners practice actual job skills in training so they’re ready to work on day one.
Trainees learn how to learn, so once they’re on the job, they get better, faster.
Leave no one behind in training — so no one quits from frustration or neglect.
Focus on top call drivers to cut out excess training time.
Happier, better skilled agents mean more satisfied customers.

We Help Create Learning Environments That Empower People to Work, Learn and Grow

Whether you’re looking for a customized design or to fine-tune an existing program, we can help. We offer award-winning learning services for businesses looking to achieve measurable results.


We reimagine dull training into memorable learning experiences.


We create a personalized, dynamic and engaging learning environment that puts learners front and center.


We create great media that instructs and delights in a balance.


We build, run and support custom tools to connect classrooms and enable learning.

Don’t just redesign training. Reimagine it.

SYKES Global Talent Services reimagines dull training into memorable learning experiences that delight and transform learners into engaged, empowered and effective brand ambassadors. We enable your front line to increase your bottom line thanks to lowered attrition, shortened training times, increased performance and faster speed to competency.

Active Learning Classroom

What separates our training design is understanding how to create a personalized, dynamic and engaging learning atmosphere that puts learners front and center. We utilize a flipped classroom approach that increases learner comprehension, speed to proficiency and overall engagement.

Media that Instructs and Delights

SYKES Global Talent Services believes great media must instruct and delight, in a balance. It must also be thoughtfully blended into the curriculum at key moments to maximize the value of its message. Our media engages learners not just to make the learning experience fun and interesting, but also to deliver key messages in a way that is meaningful and memorable. Whether it’s through a song that you can’t get out of your head, or an experienced agent’s “war story” explaining what it means to “not take it personally,” delivering the right information at the right time in the curriculum, and in the right way, helps learners make an emotional connection with your content.

Multimedia Solutions

We realize that simply having a piece of technology doesn’t make it the right fit for every situation or every learner. That’s why we design, create and deploy customized tech tools in a smart way to meet the learning need at hand — whether it’s a system simulation, interactive branching scenario or even a virtual classroom to connect learners no matter where they are.

Custom Simulations

It’s hard to learn a new system without ever having seen it. We create custom, standalone training simulations for customer systems, identify the most common tasks and paths in the system, and build a replica of that part of the system. Our simulations do no data storage and are evergreen. They are extensible, so that clients can return to us again and again to build more pieces onto the system. We can deliver the simulation off our own servers or deliver them from the client’s servers.

Gamification — Done Right

“Gamification” is a hot topic in e-learning today, but when was the last time you saw gamification that anyone would actually choose to take? The games that people choose to play aren’t the same old e-learning plus leaderboards and badges — they are exploratory environments where learners have goals, consider options and solve problems. This simulation will give you 12 days of realistic challenges. Can you figure out how to run your center to meet the shifting needs of your client?

Learning That Adapts to You

Maybe you want more structured coaching for scenarios involving soft skills or troubleshooting? A chance to ask a customer a probing question and get immediate feedback on whether that was the best choice? A safe space to try, explore, fail and succeed? We build branching learning experiences that give learners a space to see a scenario, select from options for follow-up questions, proceed in the scenario if that question is the best option, or revisit e-learning content and get tailored coaching if you need more help.