Agent Training

When it comes to customer experience, we understand the importance of cultivating top-notch talent. With a continuous improvement mindset, we flip the classroom to improve learning outcomes and increase productivity. Our innovative customer service training philosophy is a key driver for improving customer satisfaction and creating a culture focused on REAL PEOPLE. REAL SOLUTIONS.®

Client Benefits From Our Industry-Leading Approach to Agent Training:

  • Increased graduation proficiency level
  • Reduction in training attrition
  • Reduction in training time
  • Improved customer experience
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Increased Graduation
Proefficiency Level

Reduction in
Training Attrition

Reduction in
Training Time

Improved Customer

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The SYKES Advantage

Hands-on Learning
Increased Learner

Industry Expertise

Global Talent Services by SYKES, as recognized by Gartner, “provides one of the most highly scalable and automated employee screening platforms on the market,” while its SaaS-based talent development platform offers an innovative online learning portal that is rapidly disrupting the corporate training world.

Reimagined Experience

Every facet of our agent-training programs is built on in-depth adult-learning principles, methodologies and scientific findings.

  • Animations
  • Gamification
  • Guided Notes
  • Concept Maps
  • 3D Modeling
  • Equipment Labs
  • Call Recordings
  • Chat/Social Transcripts
  • Jeopardy/Trivia
  • Video Testimonials
  • Polls/Quizzes

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