Innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) are fueled by our key analytics insights, combining machine learning with human capital to continually improve our personalized service experience.

Cloud-Based Technologies

Our cloud-based technologies enhance flexibility, scalability and speed, as well as enable rapid and continuous innovation.

These offerings include:

  • Advanced intelligent routing based on customer and agent attributes
  • Machine learning and real-time analytics
  • Collaboration and personalization engines
  • Recommendation engines
  • Telephony offerings
  • Analytics platform for modeling and real-time decision support
  • OneTEAM service delivery and workforce management platform

Our proprietary, cloud-based service delivery platform is designed to provide a centralized, scalable, and data-driven environment for customer interaction management.

Founded on the core components of our virtual and brick-and-mortar delivery models, the innovative virtual environment enables an adaptive delivery model. OneTEAM streamlines core processes and facilitates a better experience for agents and customers.

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Data Labeling

Rich with data and poor with insights? That’s because you need data that’s labeled in a meaningful way for analysis.

We perform semantic annotation of all customer interaction logs — turning unstructured data into structured data — in real time and post-delivery as needed.

Once integrated into our AI engine, this labeled data reveals:

  • Top conversation topics
  • Outlier performance
  • Conversational paths
  • Communication breakdowns
  • And more — our final report will uncover your current CX issues, trends and opportunities.

Insight Analytics

Our award-winning, proprietary analytics suite is an invaluable tool available to our brand partners.

Insight Analytics allows us to:

  • Actively listen to and review customer interactions
  • Perform structured data analyses to gather key insights
  • Build a comprehensive view of the full customer journey
  • Dive deep into all customer-contact touchpoints and the overall call-flow
  • Analyze the entire customer experience and customer-contact process
  • Establish best practices
  • Optimize overall costs
  • Create an intelligent customer experience

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI customer-care bots, robotic process automation and other forms of artificial intelligence are being incorporated into many of our active programs to identify best practices and associated benefits.

Our advanced insight analytics capture key learnings, which help our bots be more efficient, effective and streamlined. These innovations help enhance the customer journey and automate portions of the service experience.


Integrated technologies and analytics help us understand the customer’s digital journey, including any prior effort or interactions and their outcomes. We can then provide a personalized experience through the optimal channel, whether that’s through digital self-service, by proactively offering related web content or by connecting them directly with an agent. All of which allows us to fulfill the SYKES promise to serve REAL PEOPLE. REAL SOLUTIONS.®

Security & Compliance

Utilizing a globally recognized security framework, we are actively identifying threats and partnering with our clients to protect company and customer data.

By integrating technology innovations and educating our employees on how to detect events and trends, we can respond quickly to incidents. We collaborate with our clients and their security and compliance organizations to ensure that recovery and improvements lead future prevention. Additionally, we monitor critical KPIs to measure the effectiveness of our security framework.

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