Sykes Assistance Services has been providing clinical telehealth solutions since 1997. Our services include symptom assessment and referral, hospital patient flow, health information, primary care support, chronic illness support, and wellness and prevention programs (e.g. tobacco cessation) providing evidence-informed, accessible healthcare designed to improve lives and save money.

Scalable, flexible, streamlined and multi-channel, our services integrate the latest communications and medical device technologies with best practices in evidence-based clinical practice and customer relationship management (CRM) to deliver improved outcomes for our stakeholders.

The Right Technology

We provide a comprehensive suite of telehealth services and tools such as contact centers, helpdesks, live chat support, Interactive Voice Response/Recognition (IVR), text, email, web sites, remote monitoring, and social media.

Financial and Insurance

For over 50 years we have provided highly valued customer retention solutions and growth strategies to some of Canada’s largest financial and insurance organizations.


Since 1989, we have helped maximize vehicle owner satisfaction and strengthen customer loyalty by providing roadside assistance under OEM new car and extended warranties for over 64% of all new vehicles sold in Canada. We also provide private-labeled programs, dealer inspection programs, and branded finance & insurance-related services, ensuring consistent, seamless, exemplary service throughout North America.

Workplace Solutions

We believe that healthy employees are motivated and highly productive employees. Which is why we deliver an integrated suite of solutions to help people stay happy and healthy at work. Healthcare solutions like various types of counseling, a virtual company nurse, employee assistance programs, and attendance support programs. Stakeholder agnostic, our solutions work just as well when sponsored by the employer, a union or a third party such as an insurance company.


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