Customer inquiries and communication channels

Our customer service covers a wide range – from commercial customer support via technical assistance to qualified product advice. The customer requests can be accessed via the most diverse channels of communication (e.g. telephone, chat or e-mail).

Employee Benefits


If you work for SYKES@Home, you are a staff member – not a freelance contractor. We believe that this contractual relationship is the best for you and our clients. Motivated, secure and esteemed for their service, our employees offer customers the best service.

Attractive Remuneration

SYKES@Home offers its employees an attractive remuneration in the form of a fixed monthly salary.

Career advancement

SYKES@Home offers a variety of career opportunities. Many of our best employees have been team leaders, trainers and project managers. We encourage our employees always to apply for these positions, and also look forward to your interest!

Community and Support

Each SYKES@Home employee is part of a successful virtual community that begins to grow together and continues to develop while working with colleagues, coaches and team leaders during training. This virtual community offers an enormous cohesion and mutual support, since our employees feel just as strongly linked in the virtual community as they do in a traditional service center. You have the option at any time during a call to get help from your team leader or coach via chat, instant message or per call. You’ll also receive weekly development discussions with your team leader. These are a key part of your development and help you both reach your personal as well as to achieve our common goals.

Tales and legends

I am self-employed and do not get any support.

Reality: Every SYKES@Home employee is an employee in the fixed contractual relationship. We ensure that you always get exactly the support that you need. For this, we employ specially trained for SYKES@Home Team leaders, coaches and technical contact.


Myth: I can get the telephone calls between my housework

Reality: During your working hours (exceptions are during break times) You must at all times be able to take phone calls. Thus, it is necessary that you are in front of your computer. However, during break times, you have quite the luxury to get things done in your household. This is just one of the benefits of SYKES@Home.


Myth: I do not need child care, I can watch my child while doing the work.

Reality: We attach great importance to maintaining a professional demeanor to our customers, so it is imperative that you are working in an absolutely noise-free environment. In order to ensure freedom from noise, it is important that you keep out noise of your home office during working hours. So employees will still require child care during their work. The work outside your home, for example, is not allowed.


Myth: I’m going to have just one or two brief phone calls per hour.

Reality: Your activity at SYKES@Home does not differ with regard to the workload of a job in one of our service centers. You will have to answer, depending on the volume, continuously consecutive calls. Therefore, it is important that you (except during break times) are in front of your computer during working hours.


Myth: I can choose the times at which I work freely.

Reality: In order to create a structured work environment, you will receive a work schedule from us. This naturally takes into account the agreed upon work terms with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Start

Q: Will SYKES@Home consider applicants from other countries?

A: Currently, only candidates from Germany will be considered.

Q: Do I have to be a German citizen?

A: No, you only need to possess a valid work permit for Germany and be fluent in German.

Q: Are the positions at SYKES@Home part-time or full-time jobs?

A: At SYKES@Home, there is the possibility to fill the open vacancies to work 15 to 40 hours / week. We are also looking for part-time employees who can work 15 to 30 hours / week. A full-time employment is subject to availability.

Q: How can I apply to SYKES@Home?

A: You can apply online via our application portal. Please refer to our Voraussetzungenund to find the precise information on the “Application Procedures”

Q: Is it necessary that I appear for a personal interview?

A: No, the interviews we conduct are by phone.

Q: Is it necessary to seek the Sykes-locations for meetings?

A: No. Visitors are always welcome, but it is not necessary for meetings or for other reasons to visit one of our locations.

Q: I will be a permanent employee of SYKES@Home or a freelancer?

A: If you work for SYKES@Home, you are a staff member – not a freelance contractor. We believe that this contractual relationship is the best for you and for our clients. Motivated, secure and hardworking employees offer our customers the best service.


Q: How do I get trained?

A: All our courses are held virtually through our specially trained coaches. During the training you will always be involved interactively so employees can collect both theoretical and practical experience.

Q: Do I leave my home for the training?

A: No, for the training you need not leave your home because all training is conducted virtually.

Q: How long does the training?

A: Depending on the project, our trainings last a duration of 2-4 weeks (based on 8 hours / day.).

Q: Do I have to pass a test after the training?

A: Yes. This not only serves to ensure the quality of work but also ensures the understanding of the relevant subject areas.

Q: What happens in case I do not pass the test after the training?

A: Everyone will get the chance to repeat the test after additional training.

About the job

Q: Will I be calling up customers actively (outbound)?

A: Active calls to customers will only take place if a customer has specifically requested this in their consultation call (callback).

Q: Do I have to sell products to the customers?

A: Each call will primarily focus on advising the customer. However, if you find out during a consultation that the customer is not using the products that best suit their needs, you should provide the appropriate advice. You may book a client directly upon request.

Q: How will I know if a call is from a customer or a personal call for me?

A: Calls from customer will come in on a separate telephone to prevent overlaps. Additionally, you will be required to set your personal telephone to “Silent” with all calls redirected to voice mail during your agreed work shift.

Working hours

Q: What are the working time options within a week?

A: SYKES@Home allows you to fill in vacancies in a flexible manner, from 15 to 40 hours per week. We are looking primarily for part-time employees in the weekly 15-30 hour slot. Nevertheless, full-time positions may become available as well, which can also be divided into several blocks per day.

Q: Can I work whenever I want?

A: In order to allow for an organized working environment, we will provide you with a work schedule as in any other activity. Your agreed working time will of course be taken into account. In addition, punctual requirements on your part or ours will also be taken into account on the basis of individual arrangements.

Q: When will I receive my work schedule?

A: As a rule, you will receive your work schedules at least one week in advance.

Q: Will I be working in the same time slots on every week?

A: We try to consider the requested working hours as thoroughly as possible. However, consistent working hours cannot be guaranteed.

Q: Will I have afternoon, night, and weekend shifts?

A: There may be afternoon, night, and weekend shifts depending on the project and the workloads previously agreed with you.

Further Questions

Q: Do I get paid per hour or per call?

A: SYKES@Home offers its employees an attractive remuneration in the form of a fixed monthly salary, both in telephony and in training hours.

Q: Are there opportunities for advancement at SYKES@Home?

A: Yes, every employee of SYKES@Home has the ability to develop professionally. Our entire team of SYKES@Home helps every employee feel happy.

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