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SYKES Gives Back

Our understanding of social responsibility

The desire to help people is deeply woven into our DNA. It is so essential to SYKES that we have made it the core statement of our corporate philosophy: We help people, one caring interaction at a time. On this page we show you how we are socially engaged.

Social Day

As a team, we can achieve more than we can alone. Therefore, the annual “SYKES Social Day” takes place at some of our locations. On this day, our employees are encouraged to get socially involved together with their colleagues.

During the preparation phase, we decide together which projects we should support with man- and woman-power and how many volunteers can participate. As a result, we always come up with a lot of great projects.

For example, we have already winterized the garden of a children’s hospice, prepared the childcare center in an “SOS Kinderdorf” for renovation, and given the rooms of the “Tafeln” and the Unemployment Association a new look.



When John Sykes founded his company in 1977, he wanted above all to help other people. His goal was to create jobs, strengthen clients, but also give something back to society. We later summarized this guideline into our corporate philosophy: We help people, one caring interaction at a time. We want to act responsibly and always dedicate ourselves to the good cause in addition to our core business. It is therefore a matter of course for us that we carry out various social campaigns at our sites, such as blood donation days for the German Red Cross (DRK) or DKMS registration events. In addition, we regularly organize SYKES charity runs, where employees can run for a good cause and SYKES donates a fixed sum for each kilometer covered.



Children are our future – we know that as employers, but also as mothers and fathers. That’s why we are happy to support activities that benefit children. We sponsor various initiatives, such as a bicycle guide, a child-friendly first aid book, an assertiveness project for children, a healthy breakfast in daycare centers and the regular “SYKES Cup” soccer tournament.

At some locations, we are also involved in the so-called “Future Day” and give children an insight into the various departments at SYKES. But this is not the only opportunity for students to visit our centers. We often make our facilities available for school class cake buffets, where our employees can buy tasty cakes. The proceeds go to school projects. 

Nature and Environment

It is important to us to act responsibly. Not only within our company, but also in the world. We want to do our part to ensure that our planet is still worth living on for future generations. That’s why we take the issues of nature and environment very seriously.

We reduce paper whenever possible, for example by using a digital personnel file. We also support the preservation of bee colonies through sponsorships, collect food donations for local animal shelters, and have donated over 2,500 trees in the last two years to offset CO2.

But we also take care to preserve and create valuable habitat for animals directly on site around our centers. At our site in Wilhelmshaven, we have therefore created a flower meadow for bees and insects. 


Social Engagement

At SYKES, we always try to help people who are not as well off as we are. For example, we collect food donations for the German Food Bank “Die Tafeln” and regularly take part in a Christmas shoebox gift campaign that is part of the American aid campaign “Operation Christmas Child”. Here, we top up the donations made by our employees for children in need.

But sometimes you just need other things than money or material donations because these do not help against social loneliness. For this reason, we have organized pen pals between senior citizens of a nursing home and our team. At Christmas, we modified the campaign and wrote Christmas cards to the residents of the senior care facility. A small greeting that makes a big difference.


Helping people is core of our corporate philosophy: We help people, one caring interaction at a time. We would like to give you more information about us and our culture.