Process Mining:
Gateway to a Successful RPA Implementation

How does Process Mining accelerate your Intelligent Automation Program?

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Why Should You Watch This Webinar?

The biggest automation challenge for most companies is knowing where to start and how to scale. Many fail to realize the value of their programs because they qualify the wrong processes. While automation is indeed the driving force behind successful digital transformation programs, process mining is what fuels it. 

In this webinar, we address the following questions: 

How can organizations recognize costly inefficiencies? How can they drive more value with less? How can they best target automation opportunities, calculate accurate ROIs, and focus on the interactions that matter? 

Key Takeaways from the Webinar:

  • Discover why businesses fail with their RPA/Intelligent Automation Programs
  • Understand how Process Mining and Task Mining are significant gateways to RPA
  • Determine whether to automate more or automate where it matters most
  • Find out what’s next for UiPath

Who Should Attend:

  • Digital or Automation Center of Excellence Heads
  • Digital Operations & Workforce Management professionals
  • AI & Intelligent Automation Directors and VPs
  • Customer Experience Planning and Strategy Officers
  • COOs, CIOs, CTOs and Digital Transformation decision makers
  • Digital Learning Management

Speakers and Hosts


Rudolf (Rudy) Kuhn

Cofounder of Process Gold;
VP, Head Ambassador of Process Mining, UiPath


Coenraad van der Poel

SVP of Emerging Products,


Alp Uguray

Senior Consultant and Head of UiPath – Americas, SYKES Digital Services


Richard Mitchell

Chief Technology Officer,
SYKES Digital Services


Ian Barkin

Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer,

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