Back to Front: Lessons Learnt in Intelligent Automation

How can contact centers overcome the unique challenges they face by transforming their back and front office processes?

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Why Should You Watch This Webinar?

Join our discussion of the lessons we’ve learned first-hand implementing Intelligent Automation at scale across both the front and back office.

Most major brands recognize that outpacing competition requires prioritizing customer and employee experiences. As a result, the focus for many has become the contact center, ensuring that both back and front office processes are effectively, efficiently transformed.

Operating at the intersection of Intelligent Automation and Customer Engagement, we have immense experience helping companies transform their contact centers by reimagining their end-to-end business processes. Our approach focuses on maximizing the impact of products like Blue Prism’s Service Assist to supercharge their contact center workforce while driving growth through better experiences. 

Key Takeaways:

  • The unique challenges faced by contact centers today
  • The main differences in automating a back-office VS a front office process
  • Lessons we’ve learned first-hand implementing automation across the front and back office
  • Our top tips for implementing automation in the contact center
  • Real client example: Consumer Electronics – Device protection & warranty services provider

Who Should Watch?

  • Digital or Automation Center of Excellence Heads
  • Digital Operations & Workforce Management professionals
  • AI & Intelligent Automation Directors and VPs
  • Customer Experience Planning and Strategy Officers
  • COOs, CIOs, CTOs and Digital Transformation decision makers
  • Digital Learning Management

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