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Driving Employee Engagement with a Digital Workforce

This webinar brought together a range of experts in the field to discuss some of the emerging digital solutions to employee engagement.

Driving Efficiency & Resilience by Leveraging Intelligent Automation

Business continuity and resilience has never been more important than right now. Join us as we discuss, and answer crucial questions, shaped by a new landscape…

How FirstGroup is Delivering Sustained Value through Intelligent Automation 2020

We discuss how strategic deployment of Intelligent Automation drives continual transformation of digital operations to deliver sustainable performance and ensure business continuity…

Intelligent Automation … From Response to Reinvigorate

SYKES Digital Services has identified a number of driving forces for transformation, including setting customer expectations, margin and pricing pressure, market disruption…

Deploying IA at Scale to Drive Organizational Change at Nokia

Intelligent Automation (IA) adoption has exploded in recent years — however few organizations have achieved the type of enterprise-wide, at scale deployment that results…

Essilor’s digital recovery response to Covid-19

Listen as Dane Harris, VP of Business Development at SYKES Digital Services, and Morey Thompson, Senior Director of Shared Services at Essilor, discuss what digital…

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