Propel Digital Transformation

Rapidly realize the value Digital Transformation delivers by treating your program as a continuous journey that accelerates and expands with each new cycle. The most successful transformation programs go through hyperloops of activity – infinite cycles – to identify best practices and create an industrialized approach with the same goal in mind:

Do something, do something better, do something different.

Purpose & Aims

Define your true purpose for automation by identifying strategic drivers that your leadership teams can all get behind and support. These initiatives could include cost cutting, improved customer satisfaction, increased efficiencies, connected one-office experiences.

Envision & Ideate

Envision the art of the possible through a Vision Workshop where our experts lead you through a series of thought-provoking exercises aimed at disrupting the traditional processes, ideating solutions for long-term, scalable success, and envisioning a roadmap of areas for discovery and investigation.

Opportunity Assessment & Discovery

Following the Vision Workshop, we mobilize and deploy process and technical experts to deep dive into the opportunity areas identified with a goal to validate that the opportunity exists and is a good fit for automation. During this time, they will highlight gaps and areas that need further engineering to realize the value while also identifying the quick wins that will fuel the harder-to-realize opportunities. Our team will deliver a knowledge-based business case identifying which opportunities deliver the biggest returns.

Program Definition

With a clear view of the purpose, backed by a knowledge-based business case, our team finalizes the program scope and mobilizes resources.


Typically, an internal evaluation of the client environment is required in three areas: Technology – we’ll identify and provide consultation around the best automation software solutions at the start of and as you progress along your automation journey. Capability – we’ll assess the support and management of your automation program to ensure highest levels of long-term success. Overall readiness – we’ll evaluate other projects, initiatives and activities happening within the business that could impact (positive or negative) your program.

Solution Design

Our process and technical experts will work alongside your SMEs to drill into each of the identified opportunities to capture detail and build out the procedural and technical solution design. For opportunities which require re-engineering, we’ll host design thinking workshops to reimagine the process prior to solutioning.

Agile Deployment

We’ll begin a series of agile development sprints – typically focusing first on areas that will reduce development cycles, like building out re-usable components. We’ll also be keenly aware of quick-win opportunities that can be built upon to realize value rapidly yet sustainably. Once built and tested, we move the output into production and monitor performance during a focused care period. In parallel, we’ll support change management efforts by providing consultation around operational and technical training for the impacted workforce.

Run & Support

Ongoing management is critical to the long-term success of your automation program. We’ll provide documentation and materials to mobilize a team – whether led by you or our Symphony experts – to run, support, scale and continuously improve production deployment.

Measure & Realize value

We can help track performance against the baseline – both in terms of operational performance and overall program value. We will continually analyze production state activities, resolving any process or technical issues, and regularly highlight areas that could benefit from further improvement.

Target New Areas

As you conclude your first journey around the hyperloop, our teams will assess program performance to determine if value is being realized as expected. Now is the time for reflection and to follow the mantra: Do something. Do something better. Do something different.

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