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SYKES & Intuit: Powering Prosperity Hubs in Morristown, TN

Celebrating success and growth in serving Intuit customers.

On February 25, SYKES held an event at its customer success center in Morristown, Tennessee, hosting leaders from Intuit and the city to celebrate their success and growth. Launched in 2017, the center now employs 450 experts serving Intuit customers. The Morristown center is one of four SYKES sites devoted to serving Intuit in North America and is part of Intuit’s vision to create “Prosperity Hubs” around the world that provide full-time jobs, vocational training and educational resources to communities in need.

“Intuit and SYKES share a passion for people — we serve people, we employ people, we invest in people. But most of all, we care about people,” said Bala Venkataramanan, Intuit’s director of customer success. “We saw the potential for Morristown to be a true Prosperity Hub, an opportunity to grow our business, the community and its people — together.”

The Prosperity Hub initiative aligns with SYKES’ model over the past 40+ years of developing sites in areas where we can contribute to economic growth and strengthen community sustainability.

“With Intuit’s partnership in creating this Prosperity Hub, we were able to immediately increase wages for Intuit customer service roles,” said SYKES Chief Customer Care Officer Kelly Morgan. “We’ve also been able to upskill and develop our people, resulting in almost 70 full-time promotions over the past two years.”

SYKES provides agile, intelligent experiences for Intuit’s customers through its global model and innovative technology platforms. Intuit’s products and services help people around the world put more money in their pockets with less work and greater confidence.

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