Todd McReynolds

Senior Vice President, Client and Operations Management

As the Senior Vice President of Client and Operations Management, Todd is responsible for a variety of clients across the country. His strategic leadership continues to drive operational improvements and innovations that result in growing client and community partnerships, including SYKES’ recent expansion with a global financial software company. In addition, Todd’s continued focus on high-performance, world-class customer service and culture are the key priorities that will elevate SYKES’ regional workforce and attract new industry disruptors. 

Throughout his career, Todd has leveraged his computer-science roots to solve the challenges that come with establishing and running diverse operations, from small startups to large, global teams. He’s esteemed for his ability to create high-performance employee culture that deliver highest-rated customer interactions, especially during his long tenure with SYKES, where he started in 2001 as a site director.  

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from the University of Virginia’s College at Wise and is currently pursuing his MBA through Ashford University. In his spare time, Todd enjoys spending quality time with his wife Kristen and their three children, Elizabeth, Emma and Evan.