John Sneed

Senior Vice President and General Manager, SYKES Regional Operating Headquarters

John Sneed, senior vice president and general manager of SYKES Regional Operating Headquarters, has more than two decades of experience managing large-scale global business process outsourcing (BPO) operations. He joined the SYKES Cebu team in 2013, and his growth strategy has always been to focus on customer experience, execution, and culture. Under John’s leadership, SYKES Cebu has expanded its presence in the region, grown its team, served more clients, and diversified operations.

John’s impeccable work and efforts in Cebu have earned him international recognition as well. He was named one of the Outstanding Leaders in Asia by the 2019 Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards (ACES).

While John’s focus has always been on business performance and growth, he also values the well-being of his team and their holistic development. His commitment to talent development and providing world-class facilities and benefits to his team has translated into a strong culture of employee engagement in Cebu.

Currently based in Cebu, John is a Cebuano at heart. He visits the U.S. twice a year to spend time with family.