Flora Solera

Chief Operations Officer, LATAM

Flora Solera is chief operations officer of Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated, accountable for revenue, profit, and operations in the company’s Latin America (LATAM) region. Flora joined SYKES in 1999 as part of an acquisition, bringing invaluable multinational business leadership experience. Flora’s innovative Set Up strategy has proved indispensable to growth throughout the LATAM region. Under her guidance, the company’s presence has grown to five countries: Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Brazil, with more than 12,000 employees.

During her career, Flora has built a reputation for operational excellence, innovative strategic thinking, continuous improvements, and a deep and passionate commitment to SYKES’ clients. Flora is fluent in English and Spanish and proficient in Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, and French. Her gift with languages and well over two decades of customer care and multinational management experience have enabled her to drive accelerated transformation and build a culture of engagement and innovation.

She has a master’s degree in language education from Moscow Pedagogical Institute, and she also has degrees from Taipei Normal University for Mandarin studies, UNAM Mexico for quality management, and Kellogg School of Management for CEO management.

Described as a “people person,” Flora seeks to positively impact every person who comes into the sphere of her responsibility. This objective is reflected in Latin America’s social responsibility efforts that have benefited countries in the region. The sustainability of the company and the communities where SYKES operates is a key focus of Flora’s leadership mission: enabling growth, creating new job opportunities via social mobility, and protecting of the environment. SYKES’ ComprometeRSE program, which translates to “engage” in English, has established SYKES as a valuable corporate citizen throughout the five LATAM countries where SYKES operates.