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We Are Family

From L-R: Leitu, Bridget Asiata, Aubree and Eric Dahl

In the words of President & CEO Chuck Sykes, “Welcome to the family! And we mean it when we say ‘family.’ Ask anyone who works at SYKES, and they will say what they love most about working here is the team spirit and camaraderie of the people.”

Provo customer service guru Eric Dahl agrees. “We are a close-knit group that feels just like family.” Eric should know – he married one of his co-workers! The Dahls are just one of 20+ examples of families – brothers, sisters, parents, sons and daughters, spouses, in-laws, – all working together in one location, at our Provo, Utah facility.

Relatives working at SYKES isn’t restricted to married couples, as Leitu Asiata and her daughter Bridget can attest. Both work – and live – together. And although Leitu says they try to keep work inside SYKES’ walls, she has a hard time not being a mom at work. Her daughter agrees.

“There’s times when she treats me like a coworker,” says Bridget, “and times when she treats me like my mom.” Bridget says there is a benefit to working with someone who can play both roles. “One of the things I like about working with my mom is having the same support system at work that I have at home. It helps me stay motivated and focused.”

Leitu interjects, “But they don’t always listen to you, even if you’re the mother!”

One thing they both agree on is that the work at SYKES is rewarding. “I love the working environment,” says Leitu, “talking with customers and helping with their issues.” Bridget echoes the sentiment. “I enjoy being able to work with like-minded people who share the same drive as me to help the customer.”

While working with family members has its challenges, many recommend it to others. Eric says, “I have learned useful skills in managing my finances, and I can see that being beneficial to other family members.”

But for Bridget, it’s the family aspect itself that she tells other family members about.

“Work is 10-times better when you have people who love you around. It makes work feel a little more like home.”