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Employee Spotlight

Tishara Vahling Marr

Manager of Curriculum Development

Tishara Vahling Marr loves helping others learn. But the thing she loves even more is learning something new herself.  Recently promoted to manager of curriculum development, she is responsible for helping develop the materials used in training account teams for SYKESHome. Perhaps it’s her own love of learning that makes her excel at what she does.

“Each day I go to work excited to learn something new,” she says.

Early in Tish’s career she discovered how much she could learn from those she was training.  “As a mentor, I thought it meant you were always passing on your knowledge to the mentee.  And what I’ve learned is that it’s a two-way process, that I also get just as much as I hope the mentee is getting out of it.”

“What I love most about SYKES are the people – and the way we support each other.”

One mentee in particular made a big impact.  “She had an approach that she was really responsible for someone’s growth.  She had a real passion for the accountability, for the success of new hires.”

Tish was inspired.  “What I learned was that it’s really not about me.  It became about the new learner and the huge responsibility that I felt to make them successful.”

Tish started as an agent in 2006 for SYKESHome (then Alpine Access).  “At the time, I had four little ones and I thought, ‘I really want adult conversation.’”  She got her wish, helping customers with grown-up problems like account balances and accrued interest rates.  “It was a great challenge to turn a call around and have the customer leave satisfied and happy.”

Enjoying off-roading in the family Jeep, Tish waves hello

She quickly moved up into a coaching role, into training, and then into lead roles in training and curriculum development, to her current position.

When it comes to her favorite part about working at SYKES, she’s quick with an answer.  “What I love most about SYKES are the people – and the way we support each other.”

Tish does her part supporting others, taking it to heart to help others and ensure that every person matters.  “The most fulfilling part about working here at SYKES, is knowing that my position is bigger than just about me, it’s really rewarding to help someone and see them learn and grow.”