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Employee Spotlight

Terry Smith

Facilities Coordinator

Two months into his career at SYKES, one of the most stressful things that can happen to a facilities coordinator happened: The Automatic Transfer Switch — which helps keeps the lights on in the event of a power outage — started glitching. As a facilities manager for a hospital for 12 years, he knew exactly how to handle this. He waited until after 6 p.m., when all agents were done with their calls. Then he changed the interface on the automatic transfer switch, which is no easy task, even for an experienced tech. From that moment on, Terry has been the go-to guy at the SYKES Wise site. One thing’s clear: His career here at SYKES is just taking off.

What do you?

As a facilities coordinator, I help make sure everything in the building is working smoothly and in line with safety standards and code.

What’s a typical day at SYKES like?

Each day is different. Yesterday, for example, I came in and ran the generators, checked the Uninterrupted Power Source, did my weekly inspection of the HVAC units, then I had meetings in the afternoon.

What’s the best part about working at SYKES?

The trust I feel my supervisors have in me. After my initial training, once I was up to speed on everything, they’ve really given me the freedom to manage my time the way I think it makes the most sense. I also love the openness here. Everyone is approachable, and the director and VP are always present and involved.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I still want to be working closely with the director and VP I work with now but maybe in a regional role.

What’s been your most memorable moment?

When our VP asked me personally to go to Lakeland and Deland, Florida to assess the buildings. I also got to visit the corporate office in downtown Tampa. It felt like an honor, and it was also my first time on a plane, which I loved.

What are your favorite hobbies?

Spending time with my wife of 27 years and our two teenage boys. I’m very active in my church’s youth league. I also collect commentary bibles.

What show are you currently binge-watching?

My wife and I watch Bringing up Bates.

What would your superpower be?

Seeing into the future

When you were a kid, what did you want to be?

A pilot, but I’m colorblind, so the Air Force wouldn’t take me.

What’s the best part of your job?

Feeling appreciated and trusted and the openness of everyone I work with.