Sabrina Lewing: Helping Herself and Her Team Grow
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Sabrina Lewing: Helping Herself and Her Team Grow

Sabrina Lewing was surprised.

Recently promoted to coach at SYKES Provo, she was thrilled to have been chosen as Coach of the Month, nominated by her peers and selected to receive the award by upper management.

Ryan Hull, site director, summed up the reasons Sabrina was honored. “She’s always with her team and makes a point to know them, not just professionally, but personally. She goes out of her way to make sure they are all taken care of. She always has a smile on her face and helps out wherever she can.”

Ross Hines, manager Strategic Client Management, added why the personal touch is so important. “When you get people like Sabrina who treat their team like people, everyone on the team is happier, enjoys coming to work, and they always have far better results across the board because of it.”

Sabrina was thankful for the attention. “It was great to get the appreciation. It helped me want to do more, pushed me to go to the next level.”

At the time of the award Sabrina had less than three years with SYKES. Her wife was working with SYKES and recommended Sabrina apply as well. Sabrina began as an agent but was quickly promoted to “guru” (subject matter expert) and then to managing coach.

As managing coach, she is responsible for a team of about 20 agents. “I help manage the team and help them with their phone calls and work with them to be the best they can be. I try to help them grow, to go higher in the company, or to reach any goals they have.”

Recently Sabrina helped an agent who had been struggling to achieve a promotion, having gone through the interview process twice before unsuccessfully. Recalls Sabrina, “So I gave her all the tools that I could with helping her learn how to talk in front of people. We worked on being able to organize her thoughts in a way that would help an interview go better. And she got the position. It was nice to be able to see her grow.”

This is important to Sabrina. “My favorite thing about my job is being able to be there for my team and helping build people up.”

She credits SYKES for her own development. “When I first came I felt like I was unprepared with a lot of things, but SYKES helped me mature and become more prepared for opportunities going forward in my life. I appreciate everything that has happened because I feel like working here has made me a better person.”