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Employee Spotlight

Sabrina Iacobucci-Mazajlo

Manager, Area HR Service Delivery

SYKESHome HR Manager Sabrina Iacobucci-Mazajlo’s career has come full circle. For this former music student with a master’s degree in medieval musicology, her help and support as a member of the human resources team is music to our employees’ ears. An eight-year HR veteran (all with SYKES), Sabrina is proud of the work she does to help people – our people – every day.

March is Women’s History Month. What’s the most important message you want to send to young women thinking about their career?

It’s always important for us to keep in the back of our minds that we’ve come a long way in the workplace and to celebrate that. I think equally important - or perhaps more important - is to remember to celebrate yourself, because your customers, clients and colleagues are going to want to work with you because of who you are and what they know you’re capable of. So, always have faith in yourself, faith in your abilities and have faith in the contributions you would like to make to society.

Which of the SYKES Truths do you most connect to?

Without a doubt, it would be Serve with Thought and Heart. All of us on the Work At Home North America HR team strive every single day to value the time and feelings of the employees who come to us for assistance. We’re seeing in many of these cases that someone genuinely needs help - they’ve gone through the proper channels to try and get that help but have been told it’s not possible. In HR, we’re in the perfect position to push back and challenge that – to make sure we’re extending a helping hand and to be an advocate for them to get the needed assistance that is fair and right.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a Saturday?

The great thing about Saturdays is that it’s a shared day off from work for me and my husband. We use the day to relax and have fun together with our 2-year-old son. We let him dictate what we do during some of the day. Lately, it’s getting on the floor and playing with his plethora of trucks, letting him get messy in the kitchen with me or spending a lot more time playing and exploring outdoors due to the nice weather. It’s our family day, and our way to decompress together.

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure song to sing in your car?

I don’t listen to a lot of mainstream music, and my playlist is eclectic at best. Lately, I’ve been a pretty big fan of a Portland, Oregon based group called the Decemberists. They’re a fusion between indie, rock and folk – their music is very diverse and fun. When I’m in the car belting out songs, they’re always on my Spotify playlist - so much so that Spotify has recognized me as a top listener for the Decemberists often sending me discount codes for their concert tickets. When COVID is winding down, and we can all go to concerts again, I will definitely be taking advantage!