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Employee Spotlight

Ron Bracken

Customer Service Representative

After a successful career as a senior vice president of sales, headhunter and entrepreneur, Ron felt ready to slow down, stop traveling for work, and take some time to enjoy his five grandkids. But it turned out that retirement wasn’t quite right for him. Ron had spent his entire career meeting and helping new people, and he learned that he enjoyed that too much to let it go. So, he joined SYKES in November 2017 and couldn’t believe what a match made in heaven it was for him. Not only did he instantly click with his team, he genuinely enjoys taking every single call, getting to know the other person on the line, and doing what he can to help his fellow agents.

What do you do?

I help people make their travel-booking experience better. That could mean finding flights, hotels or cars for their upcoming trips.

How did you know SYKES was right for you?

I was very burned out after recruiting for so long. What I love about being a customer service agent is I get to put my people and communication skills to good use, while helping people.

What’s a typical day at SYKES like?

I start at 5 a.m., though the phone is slow from 5-6 a.m. I usually take between 15-20 calls a day, and I have a few customers who call early just to chat with me.

What makes your day?

As someone who has logged more than two million miles in the air, I really enjoy helping people make their travel experience better and helping families be able to spend some time together. My clients are typically in a good mood because they’re booking a vacation!

What surprised you about your job?

How naturally it would come!

What does Ron’s manager say about him?

“Ron is always a positive example of a true team player. He regularly receives Kudos from our clients and most recently, he shifted his hours temporarily to help out balancing staffing needs. Ron is always helpful and friendly to all that work with him. He goes way above and beyond the call. He won Employee of the Month and gave his parking spot away to someone who needs it more than he did. He’s a huge asset to our organization.”

What are your favorite hobbies?

Spending time with my five grandkids! In addition to being a serious news junkie, I also love sailing on Lakes Lowell and Cascade in my reconditioned Hobie Cat.

What show are you currently binge-watching?

Survivor, travel shows, nature shows, football and the news

What would your superpower be?

The ability to understand people and help them

When you were a kid, what did you want to be?

Forest ranger, then an attorney

What is the best part of your job?

Getting to help people and talk to new people every day