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Employee Spotlight

Patrick Mullins

Customer Service Agent – Tier II

In the eight short months since accepting a position as a customer service agent at SYKES Hazard, Patrick Mullins’ life has changed dramatically. He’s gained the stability that comes with full-time employment, purchased a new car and earned a promotion. He gives his best to customers and makes his teammates smile with his humor and generous spirit. He loves his job so much that, as he says, “I actually hate the weekends sometimes, because I don’t have anything to do!”

How has your job at SYKES made an impact on you?

In every way imaginable. So much of my life I’ve wanted to be in a stable environment, to have things that I want personally – I can now get anything I want and still have money left over. I went from going house to house, to the next thing I know, having my own house. I have a $20,000 car I drive back and forth to work each day. If I want something, I buy it. The thing I like most about this job is the people here. Everybody is here for you - whether it’s a fun time or a bad time. The people at SYKES make sure that you come to work and want to come to work. With every other job I had before this one, I dreaded waking up in the morning. Now, I look forward to coming to work each day.

Patrick recently earned a promotion. How has he been a positive influence on his new team?

“He has a very, very positive attitude,” explains Patrick’s Team Leader Tessa Strong. “If anybody is having a rough day, Patrick is the one that brings them lunch just to make them feel better. We’ve loved having him on the team – he’s our missing piece.”

Which of the SYKES Truths do you most connect to?

I connect most to the people – Ensure Every Person Matters. Most of the time when someone calls in, they’re having an issue they need help with. It’s so important to make sure the customers know they are more than just a person you’re getting paid to work for – you’re ensuring them that you care about them. That goes for employees here as well. If one of us has a down day, there will be 20 people behind you to pick you back up. It’s a very caring environment here.

What’s your most prized possession?

My vehicle, because I know each time I hop in it that I worked hard to get it. And I got one, not only to get me where I need to go, but one I wanted. Every time I drive it, I know what I had to do to get it.

French fries or onion rings?

French fries 110 percent because they can go with any meal. They’re the last little bit you need to make it a good one!