Proud Veteran Korey Evans Finds Camaraderie at SYKES
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Proud Veteran Korey Evans Finds Camaraderie at SYKES

It was night in Ramadi, Iraq and Korey Evans and his unit were under attack. “I was on the roof of the government building and all of a sudden we were getting shot at. Bullets were flying over our heads. We got into a firefight against insurgents. But luckily we survived that.”

Today Korey is a subject matter expert at SYKES in Las Vegas, after spending 20 years in the Marines and serving five tours in Iraq and two in Afghanistan. For much of that time he was in communications. “I was a radio operator and would run with the infantry. I was like the guy in the war movies with the radio in a sack with the antenna sticking out.”

Korey loved the Marines, especially the camaraderie he found while serving. “When you’re out there, you know exactly what you have to do, and you know who’s to your left and your right. You form a bond, a family bond that lasts a lifetime.”

While Korey says life in a corporate environment is different than the military, he still feels a sense of camaraderie at SYKES. “The management actually cares. They are out there getting their hands dirty with us, letting us know that even though they may not be on the phones, ‘I am with you.’ And that is very reassuring.”

It was one of Korey’s first managers that helped him adapt to civilian way of doing things. “My account manager helped a lot. He helped teach me to get to know people because then you’ll know how to approach them to get the best results.”

The coaching paid off. Starting as an agent in 2015, Korey was promoted to subject matter expert. Grateful for the support he’s received from SYKES, he pays it forward by mentoring others. “I have more than a few people that I’ve talked to a lot and now they are team leads. It’s kind of a fatherly feeling of accomplishment.”

Grateful for his service in the Marines – “I am a proud veteran,” he says – Korey reminds everyone not to forgot those who have served or are serving. “Everyone should remember those who can’t be here and enjoy the barbeques and family gatherings this Memorial Day. But know that there are people out there protecting the freedoms we currently have, and just remember them on this day.”