Kevin Cooper: Superstar Success on Day 3
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Kevin Cooper: Superstar Success on Day 3

It didn’t take long for SYKES newbie sales representative Kevin Cooper to become a superstar. With SYKES’ confidence-building training under his belt, his desire to learn and his passion for helping people, Kevin sold 20 new products and 20 services to just one customer on a single call. And he did it only three days after completing SYKES training.

The call had started out angry. “Why does it have to be so difficult,” the customer vented at the beginning of the call. Thanks to Kevin’s training, he knew exactly what to do. “I calmed him down and let him know that I was going to take my time and do everything step by step, so he could get the products he needed.”

While Kevin credits his training manager with helping him hone his stellar sales success, his account manager Karen Middleton says it’s his drive to succeed and do well that helps him get results, including achieving 100 percent customer satisfaction scores. Just as important, she says, is his desire to learn and take advice to heart. “Kevin is more than happy to sit with a more tenured agent to see what they are doing and pick up best practices. Anything his manager would coach him on you’d see him immediately trying to apply it. It’s something in him that makes him want to do a great job.”

That special “something in him” that Karen points out may be Kevin’s passion for helping others. “I want to be able to stay at SYKES and do something not just to help myself, but to help others,” Kevin says. “That’s always been a goal of mine. Because if I can bless someone else, I’ll get my blessings too. That’s how I feel about life.”

Kevin came to SYKES after leaving his previous job to return home to take care of his family. “My mom was trying to take care of my grandma and my uncle and that was a lot on her. I could sense it when I used to call and check up on her. And I knew I had to come back home. After I came home and got everything straight, I knew I needed to start working again. And that’s when I came to SYKES.”

So far, Kevin’s favorite aspect of working at SYKES is the people. “The people and the environment at SYKES make it a whole lot easier for me to come to work each day.”