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Employee Spotlight

Jessica Palmer

Team Lead

“I love helping people,” says Jessica Palmer, team lead for SYKESHome. In that role, she gets the opportunity to do just that, every day.

Jessica, and her team of nearly 30 agents, all work from their homes and are located around the country. But thanks to Jessica, they are a tight-knit group, focused on working together to help SYKES’ client’s customers.

It’s Jessica’s job to stay in touch with her team throughout their shifts, making sure everything is going smoothly, helping those who need assistance. “The first thing I do every day is go through all my emails. I want to make sure if anyone has sent me a question or if there’s an update, or something important that needs to get out to my team. I go through that first, then I answer questions in chat.”

In a virtual environment, agents and Jessica communicate between themselves via instant messaging. Using chat, Jessica can answer questions agents have while on calls, or help them resolve technical issues. Jessica also monitors if an agent is logged into the system, on a call and taking their breaks on time. Occasionally the team will have team meetings on a conference call.

Jessica feels like her most important daily activity are one-on-one coaching meetings with agents. “Coaching sessions are really important for agents to let them know where they are doing well, and to give them lots of encouragement. It helps to let someone know what you’re going through, how your day is going, what your life is like.”

Like many team leads, Jessica was an agent herself before being promoted, so she understands first-hand what agents experience. That insight is helpful when helping her team get through tough days.

“An agent on the team had a customer who was really mean, to the point that when the call ended, the agent sent me a message that said, ‘I’m ready to quit.’ I immediately stopped what I was doing, and we got on the phone together, and I listened to her, reminded her that it doesn’t happen often, how sorry I was, and just let her know she wasn’t alone. And six months later she’s still here, doing wonderfully, and is getting a promotion.”

It’s all in a day’s work for Jessica. “For me, I feel like I’ve accomplished something when my team is doing well. When they feel accomplished, I feel accomplished.”