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Employee Spotlight

Jenna Smith

Trainer I

From her constant support of the Hazard, Kentucky community where she lives and works to her willingness and desire to help her coworkers, Jenna Smith shines The SYKES Way in everything she does. In her job as a trainer, Jenna is responsible for teaching new hires what they need to know to be successful at SYKES. She’s taught her supervisor, Training Manager Ben Mosley, a thing or two over the years too. “Jenna reminds me every day to stay humble,” says Ben. “Though she’s been with SYKES for 14 years, she doesn’t give you the image that she’s better than anybody because she’s been here longer – she treats everyone the same.”

How has SYKES helped you reach your career goals?

They’re one of the few employers that don’t require you to have a college education for the job that I’m doing right now. A lot of other call centers and employers do. SYKES allows me to grow without a college degree. However, they are paying for my college so I can have a better career and a better life. It’s completely free – I don’t have to pay for anything, and that’s 100 percent because SYKES is invested in me.

Community service is important to you. What’s something you’ve done for the community that’s been most meaningful?

Last year, I won an ugly Christmas sweater contest and Christmas tree decorating contest at work. I didn’t need the extra money at that time, so I wanted to take the money that I won and give it back to the community. I took the gift cards and used them to buy things to make blessing bags with – granola bars, ChapStick, hand sanitizer and masks for the homeless population in our community.

Which of the SYKES Truths do you most connect to?

To Serve with Thought and Heart – while I’m a trainer, I dabble in all the jobs at our site. I like to help with recruiting and production, and I’ve even helped our maintenance staff before. I like to help with everything because none of us could do our job without the other one. To have good teamwork is the most important thing.

What does living The SYKES Way mean to you?

To make sure that while people are here, they have a safe place to come to – a place where they don’t have to worry about the stressors happening outside of their homes. It’s making sure that when someone walks through these doors (or if they’re working at home, when they clock in there) that they know that they’re cared about, that we’re invested in them and that they have a safe place to grow. It’s also extending our culture outside our site’s walls into the community, making it a better place for everyone.

What was your dream job as a kid?

To be a pop star. My dad used to have this pocketknife, and he would peel the skin off apples – it made shapes like little tickets. I would take those tickets and give them to my friends and family and put on shows that nobody ever really came to, but I was so convinced I was going to be a pop star one day.

What app can you not live without?

Facebook because I love to stay connected to my friends and family that I don’t get to see every day. And I like cute dog pictures.

Hot dog or hamburger?

I know the question was hot dog or hamburger, but I’m extra in everything, so I’m going to pick the hottest hot wings you can get.