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Jenn McCarthy rushed to the hospital, frantic to be with her young son. He suffers from asthma and a cold turned into an emergency. When Jenn got the call, she was at work, six hours away.

Jenn’s son recovered, but the mad dash to be at his side from so far away was the last straw. “I was working 70 hours-a-week traveling around New Jersey as a regional store manager. I missed my kids first words, my daughter’s first steps and the first day of school, all in one year. I asked myself, ‘can I work and still have time with my kids?’ And SYKES gave me that opportunity.”

Jenn heard about SYKESHome through a cousin, and applied for a customer service representative position. “I got called, went through the interview process, but I was leery. I thought work-from home can’t be real, it’s got to be a scam.” But SYKESHome proved to be the real deal. Jenn found herself working full time from home.

She progressed rapidly. She was promoted to mentor after two months, to interim team lead after five months and full team lead in another three months. Today, as a senior team lead, Jenn doesn’t look at her work as just a job. “I tell everyone I don’t work from home. I’m not a stay-at-home mom, I’m a career-at-home mom.”

As a senior team lead Jenn is responsible for managing a team of agents. She has improved the efficiency of her program, by, among other things, making changes to the mentor program and streamlining how call escalations are handled. “I’m involved in a big part of our project, working on finance, and the support budget, and I was able to find savings. It’s rewarding.”

Jenn enjoys her fulfilling career at SYKESHome without sacrificing time away from her family. She never had to put her youngest in child care. And her children have thrived as Jenn’s career has flourished. Her oldest son, Patrick is following in his father’s footsteps by becoming an Eagle Scout. Her second son Michael is an accomplished wrestler, and Alyssa is a on a traveling cheerleading team, competing year-round.

And that’s not all. Jenn and her husband Joe also welcome foster children into their home on a temporary basis. “Joe and I knew after Alyssa we weren’t going to have any more kids, but we still have more love to give. So, we take a child who needs a quiet place for a couple of weeks. Nothing long-term, because I’ll just totally fall in love with them. So, if a single parent needs to get their life together, we’ll get a kid for a couple of weeks and take care of them. It’s a great thing.”

A family of her own, a rewarding career and an ability to help children in need. Jenn is grateful.

“I would never be able to do that, if not for SYKES.”









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