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Employee Spotlight

Eric Knutson

Data Specialist

A self-proclaimed “nerd,” SYKESHome Data Specialist Eric Knutson is an “absolute rockstar with off-the-charts coding skills” according to his manager, Director of Business Intelligence Thomas Bolling. Eric puts those skills to work behind the scenes developing many of the dashboards that SYKES North America has used to drive the business over the last five years. An inspiration to both Thomas and his teammates for all the challenges he’s overcome outside of work, Eric is known for the positive outlook that shines through him every single day at work.

Your job in data science may be unfamiliar to some. What do you do in a nutshell?

I do a lot of data mining, which is go find the data, then gather the data, then put the data together to present a final report to departments like HR, talent acquisition, training, operations and even some executive level reporting.

What’s the best part about working at SYKES?

I can’t think of one thing, but I have a top three. Starting with number three, it’s the people I work with. They push me to be better, and I think I push them to be better as well. Number two has to be my boss. We’ve worked together for seven years now, and we just fit. We make a great team. And the number one reason has to be the commute. Working from home has been the perfect job.

What’s the biggest way Eric has been an asset to the SYKESHome business intelligence team?

“The first thing that I noticed right from the beginning was that he always brings a positive attitude to every project that he works on,” says Eric’s manager Thomas Bolling. “No matter what the challenge is or what he needs to work on, he always comes with a can-do attitude and is willing to get it done.”

Which of the SYKES Truths do you most connect to?

It’s number two Answer the Challenge and number seven Be Current. I believe having no fear no matter what the situation is - good, bad or ugly. I also never stop learning and am always striving to find the solution or a better solution.

What are your favorite hobbies?

Computing mostly – 3D printing and electronics. I’ve also recently started aqua therapy. I’m able to get into the pool and do therapy. It’s been great.

What’s your favorite meal?

There’s nothing like a good filet mignon.

Books or movies?

I’m definitely more of a movie person because of the content that’s been out recently between Netflix, Amazon Prime and all the streaming services.

What’s your favorite movie?

That one’s tough. It’s got to be between Fracture or Shawshank Redemption, but then there’s Caddyshack – it’s a classic.