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Employee Spotlight

Emily Hull

Training and Quality Manager

Emily Hull believes there is endless opportunity for people at SYKES.

“I honestly love the morale, the people and just the fact that you can move up within the company,” says Emily, training and quality manager. “You’re not stuck in one place forever. If you truly want to grow, the sky’s the limit at SYKES.”

Emily appreciates the advancement opportunities at SYKES because she knows what it’s like to be stuck in one place at work. Prior to SYKES she was an agent at another company. “I was there for six years and never had the opportunity to grow. I just kind of sat in the same place. Then I came to SYKES.”

Since coming to SYKES in 2013, there’s been no standing in one place for Emily. After starting as an agent, she began assisting in quality assurance and training, eventually being promoted to a quality analyst position. A year-and-a-half later she was promoted to a team manager position, and recently was promoted again, to her current position as training and quality manager. It’s a role she cherishes.

“If you truly want to grow, the sky’s the limit at SYKES.” – Emily Hull

“I really love to see when people come in and I can help them grow into someone who is completely comfortable answering every single call, and feel confident in the information they are giving out.”

Emily has developed an ability to bond with the people she works with. She says it’s the key to helping people grow. “Everyone is different, so there’s not one method that works with everybody. I connect with everyone to understand how they learn.”

This approach helped her with one agent who was struggling and thinking of quitting. “I saw potential in her, and I just focused on that and helped her see it as well. We all have potential, we have the skills, we have the characteristics we need to move and do great things, we just have to see it in ourselves.”

Emily’s approach worked, and the agent is now handling more responsibility and positioned to grow within SYKES.

Emily was just “paying it forward,” because Faye, her account manager, had done the same for Emily when she first came to SYKES. After six years of being stuck in one position at her previous company, Emily was discouraged and didn’t expect to advance. “I felt I didn’t have the characteristics to grow, and Faye worked with me, constantly trying to develop me into who I am today, really. And that’s been my whole experience at SYKES. Because the support staff, the leadership, they truly care about your success and they will work with you, and if you have the will and desire, they will help you get to where you want to be.”

Now, Emily loves her growing career at SYKES. “I love the fact that I’m making change. And I can see the change I’m making.”