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Employee Spotlight

Jenna Smith Trainer I
Eric Knutson Data Specialist
Felipe Mendoza Subject Matter Expert and Trainer
Patrick Mullins Customer Service Agent – Tier II
Mahasin Hicks Senior Team Leader
Sabrina Iacobucci-Mazajlo Manager, Area HR Service Delivery
Ron Toran Director, Area HR Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Chris Allen Team Leader
Kate Cogdill Customer Service Agent
Jamie Wilkerson Team Leader
Karen Hill Customer Service Agent
Adam Bauer Interim Tier 2 Agent
Keisha Willis Senior Team Lead
Matt Bolling Customer Service Agent
Catherine Clay Customer Service Agent
Mark Kyle Customer Service Agent for Full-Service Payroll, Intuit
John Evans Team Leader
Zachary Helms HR Assistant
Laquita Daniels Senior Client Advocate
Christine Leven Team Lead
Marc Crowell Team Lead
Rose Statzell Customer Service Representative
Pam Collie Price Community Relations Specialist
Jamie Bassett Human Resources Assistant
Colleen Hatfield Flex Trainer
Amanda Diaz Team Leader
Ron Bracken Customer Service Representative
Terry Smith Facilities Coordinator
Lisa Mills Customer Service Representative
Janice Bell Customer Service Representative
Jordan Stapleton Team Leader
We Are Family
Mystee Thompson Junior Lead
Alicia Matos Agent
Shelley Thrailkill Manager of Account Operations
Tishara Vahling Marr Manager of Curriculum Development
Shotsey Jacobs
Jen Harrielson Communications Team
Kristel Bourassa Agent
Jessica Palmer Team Lead
Emily Hull Training and Quality Manager
Josh Hunter Director of Site Operations
Kelly Qualls Major Account Director
Aimee Flores Account Manager