Telecom Brand Partner Won Customer Service of the Year

Telecom Brand Partner Won Customer Service of the Year

A telecommunications brand partner won Customer Service of the Year for the broadband category in the annual KSindeks survey. The survey was conducted by Kantar TNS, a company that administers polls and gathers consumer statistics.

“This is Norway’s largest customer service survey, and the only one where customers are asked directly about how they experienced customer service of a company they’d contacted in the past 14 days,” said Finn Olav Sveinall, senior advisor at Kantar TNS.

“KSindeks shows that overall, the customers are very satisfied with their customer relationship to the company. They experience a product they are happy with and that has few errors. Two areas of customer feedback that are particularly noteworthy are: good service-mindedness regardless of contact channel — email, phone, or chat; and chat service stands out as being of particularly good quality,” Sveinall said.

SYKES’ partnership with our brand partner has centered around improving the customer experience (CX). Our end-to-end full-service offerings remove friction in their journey, making marketing, sales, and support a seamless experience. Leading to this award, the survey highlighted our commitment to a high-quality, intelligent chat experience:

  • Intelligent chatbots and cobots: Our chatbot experience is seamless across channels, and we use data and machine learning to re-create authentic human interactions.
  • Chat sales & support: When a human agent is needed, intelligent routing sends customers to the agent best suited for their needs — and carries their information over so there’s no need to repeat themselves.

SYKES is thrilled to be in a partnership with the recipient of this award and we look forward to years of building innovative and extraordinary customer experiences. Congratulations!