SYKES Wins Silver & Bronze Stevies® for COVID-19 Response

SYKES Wins Silver & Bronze Stevies® for COVID-19 Response

SYKES Philippines has been recognized with two awards for their swift and innovative response to the coronavirus pandemic. The Stevie Awards® presented SYKES with a Silver Stevie® for Most Innovative Work-From-Home Plan, as well as a Bronze Stevie® for Most Innovative Workplace Redesign.

As COVID-19 caused a global health crisis to take hold, companies around the world faced significant challenges as they worked to protect the safety of their employees, clients, and communities. SYKES Philippines worked diligently to create a plan that would comply with national and local guidelines while also safeguard employee health and maintain continuity of business operations.

Even during peak lockdown periods, SYKES Philippines delivered PCs to thousands of employees, which enabled them to continue working from the safety of their homes. As a work-at-home pioneer, SYKES had technologies in place that eased the transition and allowed the existing work-at-home program to scale rapidly. Overall, 75% of SYKES Philippines’ employees were able to transition to home offices.

Employees working from home had access to multiple different services and platforms to help them during this time, including:

  • OneHOME: A comprehensive online portal where employees can learn best practices from SYKES’ international partners (North America, Europe, Middle East, and Africa) on how to easily transition to a work-at-home environment
  • Virtual Support for Employees: Enhanced support programs allowed employees to request technical or HR assistance via Zoom
  • Virtual Training: SYKES’ Learning & Development Team transformed its typical classroom sessions into virtual trainings

This multifaceted approach led the Stevie® Awards to recognize SYKES Philippines for the Most Innovative Work-From-Home Plan.

In addition to the work-from-home transition, SYKES Philippines also took measures to protect employees who needed to remain on-site. This included providing a shuttle service and temporary accommodations to those affected by the lockdowns, as well as enhancing sanitization procedures. Partitions were also installed on-site to promote physical distancing in common areas.

As SYKES Philippines worked to redefine the meaning of a workplace amid COVID-19, safety measures were taken across all aspects of the business to ensure that all employees could continue working safely. These additional measures were recognized with a Bronze Stevie® for Most Innovative Workplace Redesign.

To learn more about SYKES’ response to COVID-19, visit here.