SYKES Wins 2020 Bronze Medal in Stevie IBA

SYKES Wins 2020 Bronze Medal in Stevie IBA

SYKES has earned a 2020 Bronze Medal award from the Stevie International Business Association for our corporate response efforts during COVID-19. SYKES worked diligently at the onset of the pandemic, keeping employees safe and helping one caring interaction at a time.

According to the Stevie Awards website, the award is presented to companies that have “worked valiantly over the past months to keep us safe, healthy, employed, and informed.”

SYKES took swift action in response to COVID-19, keeping the global workforce informed through every adaptation. From increasing sanitization procedures and social distancing in centers that needed to remain open, to rapidly transitioning more than 25,000 employees to work at home, SYKES teams and leadership from around the world worked together to ensure the safety and well-being of our colleagues, our clients, and our communities.

The Stevie Awards was created in 2002 to recognize business achievements worldwide. SYKES has been the proud recipient of multiple Stevie Awards in different divisions, including the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards and the Stevie Awards for Great Employers.