SYKES Ranked #15 of Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs

SYKES Ranked #15 of Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs

FlexJobs has ranked SYKES #15 on the sixth annual FlexJobs Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2019.

After analyzing the job posting histories of more than 51,000 companies in its database, FlexJobs identified the 100 companies with the highest number of remote job openings in 2018. To be considered, the jobs offered by these companies had to be remote-friendly — allowing candidates to telecommute either entirely or part-time.

SYKES has offered remote positions through its SYKESHome program for more than two decades. As a work-at-home pioneer, the company has connected thousands of employees with remote working opportunities in customer service around the world. SYKES has developed a robust work-at-home platform and solutions that allow customer service agents to assist customers safely and within compliance guidelines from their homes, providing assurance to brand partners that customer information is secure.

SYKESHome carefully screens all at-home agent applications and can recruit candidates based on specific traits such as working experience, education, skills, expertise, or brand affinity. The SYKES recruitment model allows for international recruiting that gives brands the confidence that their support operations will not be interrupted, regardless of language or time zone barriers.

The SYKESHome service team employs more than 20,000 agents in four countries and across 40 U.S. states. Agents are onboarded and trained to accommodate the highest standards in customer service, from basic requests to more complicated technical support. The SYKESHome model has been optimized to serve brand partners in all industries, including those in technology, finance, healthcare, education, telecommunications, and retail sectors.

SYKES is proud to be recognized by FlexJobs for providing quality remote opportunities to employees around the globe. SYKES’ ongoing commitment to providing remote jobs and developing solutions for remote customer care has allowed leading brands to be connected with exceptional standards of customer service for more than 20 years. As the popularity of remote work continues to grow, SYKES will continue to lead the way, utilizing its breadth of experience in virtual customer care.

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