SYKES Ranked #7 on Top 100 Telecommute Companies List

SYKES Ranked #7 on Top 100 Telecommute Companies List

SYKES is proud to announce that Virtual Vocations, a leading resource for remote work seekers, ranked SYKES #7 on the Virtual Vocations Top 100 Telecommute Companies for 2019.

Virtual Vocations annually evaluates which companies seek to fill the most telecommuting job vacancies. From January 1 through December 31, 2018, 100 companies emerged as leaders in remote hiring across diverse career industries and occupations. SYKES ranked seventh on the list of internationally recognized brands.

SYKES has been a leader in remote working opportunities for more than two decades, thanks in large part to its pioneering work-at-home model for remote customer care, SYKESHome. This model allows customer service agents to work from home while still providing exceptional standards of customer service for the world’s leading brands.

The SYKESHome model has been fully optimized to accommodate customer service operations in all fields, including those in finance, telecommunications, healthcare, education, retail, and technology. Each aspect of the SYKESHome model has been designed to be fully compliant with all regulations and privacy concerns, including those specific to certain fields, such as healthcare’s requirement for HIPAA compliance.

With more than 20,000 remote agents located across 40 U.S. states and four countries, SYKESHome is a robust program that allows companies to provide stellar customer service regardless of geographic location or time zone. SYKES also provides support in multiple languages.

Applicants for SYKESHome are thoroughly screened prior to hiring and can be recruited based on a company’s specific needs, such as location, educational background, or level of expertise in a certain topic or industry. This expanded hiring capability allows SYKES to hire top-quality agents around the world.

Once hired, SYKESHome agents are onboarded and trained using SYKES’ remote onboarding platforms that have been designed to support ongoing education and communication for remote employees.

As remote working opportunities continue to be a focus and priority for employees around the world, SYKES will continue to offer telecommuting positions that connect brands with excellent customer service.

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