SYKES China Ranked in Top 20 Service Outsourcers

SYKES China Ranked in Top 20 Service Outsourcers

For the second consecutive year, SYKES China was recognized as one of the Top 20 Service Outsourcing Multinational Companies and Top 50 Outsourcing Companies at the China-Latin America and Caribbean International Services, Trade & Outsourcing Cooperation Forum. The forum, held in Zhuhai, a special economic zone in southern China, focused on synergy and innovation as part of the Chinese government’s economic initiatives, amplifying the ties between Macao and Portuguese-speaking countries and enhancing cooperation between China and Latin America. The exposition serves as an opportunity to build relationships and connect with international enterprises.

SYKES roots run deep in China — so while our experience in the country has set us up for these distinguished awards, they are no less meaningful. In 2000, SYKES became the first multinational customer support center in the province, and the partnerships we have built in that time have been extraordinary. Our brand partners are some of the most recognized technology names in the world, for whom we have consistently delivered outstanding customer support, driving customer satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and improving the customer experience (CX).

Quite aside from a deep trust from our brand partners, SYKES has long cultivated a relationship with China itself. Within our operating communities, we partner with local government entities and universities to create jobs and increase local employment rates — in some cities, our efforts have increased employment by as much as 3%.

As our incredible teams in China continue their work for our brand partners and within their communities, we look forward to many more recognitions. Congratulations!