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SYKES Named Runner-Up for Best Remote Management

SYKES Named Runner-Up for Best Remote Management

SYKES is proud to be recognized as a runner-up for Remote Management of Customer Interactions in the Directors Club U.K.’s 2021 National Innovation Awards. The theme of this year’s ceremony was technology innovation that improves work-from-home capability, productivity, and experience.

SYKES is a pioneer in the work-from-home movement, and the Directors Club recognition acknowledges the hard work of everyone involved with the SYKES OneTEAM™ platform.

Jon Snow, chairman of Directors Club United Kingdom and convenor of judges for the 2021 awards, noted the importance of recognizing companies that adapted to the world of remote work: “Working from home or anywhere is the operational legacy of the COVID-19 pandemic. These 2021 awards set out to highlight the technology developers who are making the distributed workforce not only possible but high performing.”

The SYKES OneTEAM platform gives managers the ability to monitor customer service team activities from anywhere as well as collaborate with colleagues who are working remotely. With unified visibility and real-time coaching capabilities, employees achieve more in a high-performance setting no matter how many time zones they are separated by.

Snow went on to say that National Innovation Awards comes with extra prestige because the judges have a personal stake in the technologies they are evaluating.

“One reason the U.K. National Innovation Awards are respected so widely is the way they are judged. All our judges are senior business leaders from the organizations that would benefit from the technology innovations being judged. All categories are judged on the quality of the business outcomes that the innovations deliver.”

It is an honor to be recognized alongside so many other talented IT innovators around the world. To see our other recent awards, visit our awards page. Additionally, if you’re looking for the benefits of partnering with SYKES, find them here.